10 of the BEST ways to drive traffic to your website.

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One of the most sought after things for a business owner is getting more traffic to their website. The best ways to drive traffic to your website are below. Over half of business owners say getting traffic is one of the most difficult tasks. This blog is going to provide you with information on how to drive people to your website. There are millions of different ways to do so, we will focus on the top ten ways.

  1. Have a blog section

The most important thing to keep in mind to gain more traffic; you need to produce quality content. Having an informative, well written blog section is an important part of that content. It is said that businesses who blog receive 55% more website visits than businesses who do not. When writing the blog you want to be sure that the topics are ones that can tie into what your business is about. Don’t forget about the catchy headlines. The better the headline the better chance there is at grabbing people’s attention. 

  1. Bring traffic through SEO

There is no way to drive traffic to your website if your website cannot be found. In order for your page to pop up in Google’s search engine, you need to have SEO strategies. A few of the best strategies are:

  • Use keywords (the words people type into the search bar)
  • Use long-tail keywords (longer, more specific keyword phrases)
  • Have a responsive site (make sure your site is accessible on smaller devices)
  • Refresh your account (add new keywords, new images and links)
  1. Use social media

Social media is very beneficial when it comes to bringing traffic to your website. The platforms are huge and have millions of users, which you can turn into traffic generators for your page. Add clips of blog posts that are on your website along with the link where users can go to read the post in full. As LinkedIn is the number one professional social media site, be sure to post content on there daily. 

  1. Have an email newsletter

Newsletters can be simple yet still informative. In your weekly newsletters you can add a blog post from the week. You can also add in weekly events that are going on within your business. All the while directing people to go to your website for further more in detail information. Remember newsletters are supposed to be simple! You don’t want to overload the readers.

  1. Advertise 

Although taking this route will cost you some money, think of it as investing in your company! SEO may take time to drive traffic. If you are looking for instant traffic, paid advertising is going to be your best option. The best place to start this type of advertising is Google Ads.

  1. Take part in backlink exchange 

Reach out to different business sites and offer them your content as a resource to include in any of their upcoming posts. Since so many businesses are intent on gaining traffic this exchange becomes beneficial for everyone.

  1. Create a tool

Create a helpful tool for businesses in the same industry as you. Add the tool to your website and make it free to download. Advertise the tool on your social media platforms. By creating this tool you are providing users with something valuable as well as bringing them to your website.

  1. Work with influencers

People are more likely to make a purchase from businesses with excellent word of mouth. Work with influencers across social media by giving them a product or service for free. In turn for them posting on their page and directing their followers to your website. This is an almost guaranteed way to improve traffic to your page.

  1. Be engaged 

The more brand awareness you have the more potential you have to drive traffic to your website. A way to create brand awareness is to be engaged with other businesses in your industry. As well as with your customers and social media followers. Be sure to interact with your followers on social media as much as possible. By interacting with them you are giving them a more personable experience. And for that they will trust in your business more and spread awareness. You can interact with other businesses in the industry by participating in group discussions.

  1.  Video Content

Videos are one of the most popular pieces of content on social media. You can create videos on all platforms of social media. In those videos talk about your business and what you offer, just be sure to make it fun and engaging. At the end of the video direct people to your website if they would like to know more.

Driving traffic to your website is a task that needs to be worked on daily. There are so many different ways you can bring in potential customers, you just have to find the way that fits your business best.


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