15 Examples of Awesome Contact Pages

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  1. https://brandaffair.ro/contact
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The large pink flamingo is the first thing you see when you land on this contact page. Aside from that they offer three different methods of communication. A map to show their exact location, a “meet us” section which includes their phone number and email as well as a pinch us section, which is a place where businesses can submit ideas.

  1. https://atlas1031.com/contact/
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Although this page doesn’t have the most eye-catching design, it still contains everything a contact page should have. A unique aspect of this page is the fact that it lists out what people can expect when they ask a question. There is also contact information and social media links readily available for users.

  1. https://unbounce.com/contact-us/

Once users arrive at this contact page they do not have to look through loads of information to find what they are looking for. Instead they are given four options to choose from, where they are likely to find a team to take care of their needs. 

  1. https://www.peoplemetrics.com/contact

PeopleMetrics uses a simple approach with their contact page. They know people are coming to this page for one reason. And with that they provide a simple way to contact them. There is a contact number, an address, an email address as well as a place to send a message within the website. It may not be the most extravagant page, but it gets the job done. 

  1. https://www.yeti.com/contact-us.html
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Yeti is all about outdoors and nature. They carry that message on every page of their website, including the contact page. Some websites don’t carry the company message to the contact page. For Yeti that is not the case and that is why they stand out from the rest. There is also a link to Yetis knowledge base, which provides information users do not have to wait for.

  1. https://happy-cork.com/info/#&StoreInfoLocationHash=%23%2Fwidget%2F5c63aa914464140652430936
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One of the most stand out things about this contact page is the map it comes equipped with. The map shows all the places Happy Cork delivers to. Making it easy to see if you are in their area. Also incorporated on their contact page is the links to social media accounts, a phone number and an email address.

  1. https://www.scribd.com
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The design of this contact page is fun and unique which is always a plus for its users. They also provide the HQ address and links to all social media accounts. The inviting “How Can We Help You” makes users feel like less of a burden.

  1. https://www.atlassian.com/company/contact
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This is a brand that is geared towards organization, so of course their contact page is going to be well organized. Their page makes it easy for users to find exactly what department they are in need of. 

  1. https://mediaproper.com/contact-us/
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A lot of people nowadays would rather handle things through email versus talking on the phone. Through the Media Proper contact page you are given the option to fill out a form to have your issue handled. Not to mention they have a good color scheme going on which is always beneficial. 

  1. https://www.bando.com/pages/contact-us
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First and foremost the colors of this contact page stand out and capture your attention. Second, the old school phone images go with the theme of the page, it is a contact page right! There was definitely a high level of creativity put into making this page. 

  1. https://help.hulu.com/s/
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Hulus contact page comes with a chatbot to help users troubleshoot problems they are having. By having that bot in place they are helping to reduce the volume of calls for their support teams. Their page also has a knowledge base link, which is information users do not have to wait for. 

  1. https://www.grammarly.com/contact

Grammarly understands why people are coming to the contact page. So much so that they placed the support link in the middle of the page and made it bright green. Making their page straight to the point and easy to navigate through. 

  1. https://www.ulta.com/guestservices/all#contact-us
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Ulta gives users four ways to contact them as well as a list of FAQs. There are plenty of self services options but also ways to contact a live person if necessary. 

  1. https://www.tune.com/contact-us/
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Their contact page will catch your attention for sure with the nice design and color scheme. There are quite a few calls to action as well as perfectly laid out contact information. The “Let’s Start a Conversation” at the top of the page makes users feel welcome.

  1. https://www.zendesk.com.mx/contact/#georedirect
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Zendesk meets all the requirements for a good contact page, while at the same time keeping the page simple. Once the user is one the page they have two options: communicate with a member from the sales team or go to the help desk for support. By giving the user clear choices they are making it easy for them to find what they are looking for.


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