Email Marketing For Beginners (& Winners)

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The second in a series on “marketing for beginners”. Stay tuned as we dive into the most crucial areas you need to know about when reaching out to customers online

What is Email Marketing?

Sometimes called “the king of all marketing strategies”, Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses personalized (or often automated) emails to communicate with and educate customers on your email list regarding your products or services. It can also be used to convince customers to take a specific action like making a purchase, booking a demo, signing up for a trial or registering for an event, while generating a higher ROI than other digital advertising channels.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

So we’ve answered the obvious question, “What is email marketing?” but we haven’t yet discussed why email marketing really is so vital for your online business endeavors. Let’s examine the statistics and find out:

-The projected number of global email users in 2022 is 4.26 Billion.

-In surveys, email is regularly regarded as one of the top preferred contact methods with small businesses by 62% of consumers.

-Nearly a quarter of Americans check their personal email many times daily, with 80 percent of Americans checking it at least once daily.

What these statistics clearly tell us is that failing to implement an email marketing plan means dropping the ball on a huge sales opportunity as well as the possibility of developing and sustaining long-term client connections.

The projected number of global email users in 2022 is 4.26 Billion

In spite of the growth of social media and unsolicited spam emails (which are bad marketing practices), email is still the most effective means of nurturing leads and retaining customers. Email marketing should be a top priority for many reasons, but here are three of the most important:

1. Email converts better than other forms of communication. Comparisons of consumers’ online shopping habits reveal that when consumers receive an email marketing offer, they spend 138% more than they otherwise would. Think again if you’ve been wondering whether social media converts even better: the average order value resulting from an email is at least three times higher than social media.

2. In terms of communication channels, email dominates. The vast majority of consumers check their email every single day. No other channel of communication can make this boast.

3. Your account on any social networking site, together with all of your followers and postings, may be suspended or terminated at any moment, for any reason, and without warning. Your email list is your own, though, and nobody can shut you off from your customers due to some arbitrary rule violation.

Advantages of email marketing

1. Conversions

Email conversion rate is calculated as the percentage of subscribers who complete a desired goal or action. Communicating via email affords the use of a variety of tools that can increase customer retention and lifetime value to your business, and increase your conversion rate. Two great examples of this are personalized special offers or promotions to laser target your audience on particular holidays or events such as birthdays, and abandoned cart emails that can be triggered when a customer adds items to their shopping cart and doesn’t complete their purchase. Best of all, these email notifications can be automated, saving you time and energy.

2. Loyalty

By appropriately rewarding repeat customers, effective email strategy drives the growth of a loyal customer base. When used in tandem with CRM systems, email not only powerfully fosters new leads, but also the maintenance and retention of pre-existing customer relationships.

3. Brand awareness

It’s easy to get lost in the static of your competitors. Email offers you a way to directly communicate with your clientele, one-on-one, and thereby cut through the noise. When someone provides you with their email, they are providing you with permission to “stop by say hello” in their inbox, and therefore granting you the ability to speak to them regularly, through the subject line and body of your emails. This in turn allows you to regularly attract and maintain their attention, in a way that regular online advertising does not.

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Types of marketing emails

Marketing emails can generally be broken down into 3 major categories: Transactional, Content and Conversion. Transactional emails are any kind of email where an action has taken or will take place. Examples would be emailing receipts to customers, order confirmation, a password reset, establishing a customer support ticket, confirming sign up details, unsubscribing, dealing with shipping issues and more.

Content emails are emails sent with the purpose of providing some kind of tangible value to the client. This could be something as simple as a welcome email. Other examples include newsletters, blog posts, social posts, free tools, and exclusive content, among others.

Conversion emails are sent out with a particular goal in mind- to get someone to purchase something, to take a next step in a sales funnel, to take action on an affiliate offer for example. Promotions, Sales, Lead magnets, product launch, upgrades, discounts are all things that can be found in this type of email.

In order to avoid overlooking the major components of email campaigns, let’s drill down and have a look at some of the kinds of emails most often employed by successful email marketers:

Welcome Emails– Research indicates that only 25% of leads are ready to buy upon first contact. Welcome emails are crucial to nurturing the fledgling relationship with a prospect, and your first shot at convincing the reader that you are trustworthy, and your future emails will be worth opening. A bad first impression could doom any potential future transactions from the get-go.

Email Newsletters– These can be as diverse and oddball, or as vanilla in content as you like. A great way to maintain awareness of your brand, as well as to mix in promotions and offers, or simply generate interest in up and coming products or services to be offered by your company. Be aware that time-poor customers may be turned off by overly wordy content, though how short or punchy you structure your content is up to you.

Standalone Emails– Got a one-off special offer you want to promote? Great, send it out as a standalone email. Drum up interest and sales, along with a sense of urgency for any special promotion you have going, with a well written and engaging call to action. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a promotional email. You may simply wish to provide timely information to customers, such as the details of a free promotional event you are hosting. Unlike the majority of the emails you will send out, this kind of email will of necessity be manually sent out at your discretion as the need arises, not automated.

Lead Nurturing Emails– An automated and targeted chain of emails, the purpose of which is to draw a customer further down the sales funnel, towards making a purchase.

Sponsorship Emails– Part of a paid advertising strategy, sponsorship emails entail the use of another business’ email audience. An arrangement is made whereby you pay to send out advertising material to someone else’s established client base via email. This can be effective where you are seeking temporary exposure to a much bigger audience.

Re-Engagement Emails– Over time, perhaps your customers have moved on, or lost interest. Nevertheless, you still have their email address. With a re-engagement email, you can potentially spark interest again and generate sales with a customer who perhaps simply forgot about your business, or was unable/unwilling for whatever reason to make an earlier purchase.

Brand Story Emails– For some businesses, the story behind the company and its mission is the driving force of customer interaction. Sending out an email to remind or inform your customer base of a higher environmental or social goal your business is working towards for example, can be an excellent way to draw in sympathetic segments of the population who are motivated by your cause.

Video Emails– When used in tandem with Youtube or another video hosting platform, email opens the door to limitless creative options to engage your viewers. Fly a drone through your factory like Tesla did, have the guys in the office make a fun video goofing around, make a direct and sober appeal with professional stock footage, whatever you can think of.

Review Request Emails– Your customers have been there, done that and now they’re wearing your T-shirt. That’s great and all, but have they told anyone about it? You might not have realized it, but a great way to harness the utility of email is by sending out requests for reviews. Politely (or humorously perhaps) ask your subscribers to leave a review on one of the major review platforms such as Google or Amazon telling people how much they love your product.

The final and most important word:

With the integration of modern tools such as social media platforms and analytics, email is an incredibly powerful tool that has proven itself to be supremely effective at reaching customers and driving your sales KPIs.

While there are many different approaches to take and strategies to adopt, you will want to keep in mind that your subscribers at the end of the day are people just like you. Regardless of the methods you employ, you will be well served to remember that communicating via email with your clientele is akin to being a guest in someone’s household.

People appreciate thoughtful and timely mail that brings value to the table, not incessant badgering that clutters up their already stuffed inbox. Play your cards right, and this valuable medium will serve you well to remain a trusted and esteemed friend that your customers turn to time and again for the solutions to their problems.

Does email marketing sound great to you, but you’re not sure how to go about it, or maybe you are looking for a professional team to handle the work for you? We’d love to be a part of your vision, and help you use email and a host of other tools to blow your KPI’s out the water. Contact us today!


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