Marketing On YouTube For Beginners

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The Sixth in our “For Beginners” series ploughing into the basics of marketing that you really ought to know RIGHT ABOUT NOW

Marketing on YouTube, What’s That?

YouTube marketing is the use of the incredibly well known video platform to reach a target audience with a desired message, ultimately leading to the purchase of your products or services. Businesses can make use of the inbuilt tool-set offered by YouTube to both post many different kinds of videos, as well as to track data pertaining to their performance. The website also allows the posting of external links, and integrates with other marketing software to allow cross-platform data sharing, as well as the placement of advertisements throughout videos.

Why would I want to use YouTube For Marketing?

Everyone is on it. Facebook is where everyone goes to connect with friends. Google is where everyone goes to search online. YouTube is where everyone finds what they want to watch.

The stats speak volumes:

2.6 Billion people actively use YouTube

YouTube gets over 122 million visitors per day

Every day, approximately 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube

Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to the site

YouTube is more than just a place where you can post videos. It is the second-most popular search engine after Google, receiving more searches per month than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and combined.

The question really isn’t “why would I want to use YouTube for marketing?”, it’s “why wouldn’t you?”

17 Ways You Can Market On YouTube

Obviously, the medium of video opens up horizons whose limits are as broad as your imagination. That said, the myriad ways in which you can use this medium in tandem with the framework YouTube provides can be broken down into a few limited and readily digestible nuggets. Let’s have a little nibble at a dainty selection of your options for marketing with YouTube:

Short videos

Short form content is KING when it comes to smashing and grabbing the attention of your viewers. YouTube has its own proprietary “YouTube Shorts” format, similar in nature to Tiktok. These are videos up to 60 seconds in length, in a vertical format. Creators can edit, add text and music and publish directly in the YouTube mobile app also.

Comparison videos

If you are confident in your wares, take your product and compare it to similar offerings on the market. Do your research and spend time going over all the finer points. This type of video can help you convert the fence sitters who may be stuck trying to choose between products.

Torture test videos

Take your product and smash it with a hammer in front of the camera. See if it holds up. Just kidding. Seriously though, people love to see products put to the test. If you can visually demonstrate that your product can be used in tough circumstances and hold up to a beating, people will be more likely to buy with confidence knowing they aren’t shucking out dollar bills for cheap plastic shit.

Torture test comparison/review

Heaps of channels on YouTube are dedicated to this hybrid style of video where products are lined up and compared through hardcore testing. Project Farm, with over a million subscribers and rigorous testing, is a notable example. By digging into product performance across a bunch of different key areas, you can establish your product’s dominance and therefore value in a specific area that may be critical to your audience, even if your product is outperformed in other areas. This kind of review video comes across as highly honest, and is excellent for building trust, as the public generally tend to appreciate companies that are willing to show the reality of their product, rather than an idealistic Teflon-coated view that is out of touch with reality.

Take your product and smash it with a hammer in front of the camera. See if it holds up. Just kidding.

Using influencers/affiliates

Kim Kardashian walks across your TV screen. What do? Mayhaps you are sorely tempted to throw the nearest solid object at that obnoxious skank- I know I am. Luckily not all these influencers are grotesque assholes. Some of them- I know, hear me out- aren’t just in it for the love of grift.

Have a look around and you’ll find that YouTube is actually home to some of the best and most thorough product reviewers, many of whom stake their reputation on the honesty of their claims and information. It’s possible to arrange affiliate relationships with these people whereby they can create different kinds of videos highlighting your product on your behalf, and linking to your landing page or YouTube channel. Often the most effective type of video is the comparison or torture test comparison, mentioned above.

Using links in the video description

A simple and quite obvious way to take advantage of the YouTube page structure is by placing links in the video description shown underneath your video. That way, when talking about a product, the viewer can be referred to pertinent links to purchase or gain more information by clicking “the links in the description”.

The video description is also a perfect place to add links to your blog posts on related topics

Long infomercial style videos explaining the product or service

With a video length limit of 12 hours, if you wanted to do a feature length epic on your product and post it online, you very well could. That said, a more common approach is to post videos between 10 to 45+ minutes that specifically focus solely on the features of whatever you are selling.

Kim Kardashian walks across your TV screen. What do? Mayhaps you are sorely tempted to throw the nearest solid object at that obnoxious skank- I know I am. Luckily not all these influencers are grotesque assholes. Some of them- I know, hear me out- aren’t just in it for the love of grift.

Testimonial videos

Call your customers and offer them a discount on future purchases to give a video testimonial. These needn’t be Hollywood quality- if anything, a testimonial feels more authentic when it comes off the cuff from an average mobile phone camera. These can be posted in their own playlist on your channel.

Pure Entertainment

To increase awareness, many brands have turned to creating videos whose purpose is solely to entertain. A well written funny video that subtly includes your corporate branding can be sufficient to spark an organic viral spread, and get eyes on your business. These can be especially effective if they include minor or major celebrities that are relevant to your brand.

Blog posts with links

Copy the URL of a video and paste it in a blog post that matches the video content and adds to it. Links can be placed both on the video description and the blog post to either bring your blog audience to your channel, or your video audience to your blog or store.

Embedded videos on your site

Building on the previous point, your YouTube videos can be easily embedded into your blog posts, or eCommerce store pages. This is a useful feature offered by YouTube and most website building platform such as the hugely popular WordPress platform, whose default editor offers this ability. Embedded videos are far superior to videos on your own website, as they not only load much quicker, but also improve your SEO, as Google down ranks those pages which have large videos and take long to load. Embedding also helps you to convert customers who can watch relevant comparison videos on your channel, without leaving your website. Without using the embed function, your website would quickly become bloated with massive amounts of data as you add multiple high-quality videos to your site.

YouTube Studio analytics

Creators on YouTube have access to the “YouTube Studio”, a tool that allows users to gather detailed information about the performance of their channel, as well as each individual video. Views, watch time, sources of traffic, search terms that viewers looked for in order to find content, age and gender of viewers, likes, dislikes and much more, along with graphics such as charts displaying the data visually are all available and updated in real time.

Businesses can either use this tool on its own, or integrate the data with CRM software to easily track YouTube data alongside the information from all other connected platforms in one central dashboard.

Factory Tour

If you have a facility worth showing off, you could get creative and brainstorm an entertaining way to post an office tour. These kinds of videos are great for demonstrating to your customer base that your business isn’t just an online front, but actually has a real-world presence. An excellent example of the possibilities of this type of promotion is Tesla’s use of drones to fly through their Berlin complex, which can be seen here.

Interview with staff

Your staff are an asset, not just for their hard work, but also because they can help you overcome the burden of social proof that your viewers may require in order to be comfortable enough to make a purchase from you. Hacking and data theft are an ever-present threat, and as such, people often want to double check that they are purchasing from a real company and not just being duped by some dodgy online-only front for scammers. With your employees permission, you can record and post fun videos showcasing your in-house talent, thus dispelling any doubts your customers may have as to your authenticity. These also serve well to give your brand the human touch that helps your audience connect with your brand on an emotional level.

Interview the head honchos

Typically the most passionate people in a business are the ones at the top. Get a creative team together and capture a sit down interview with yourself or other higher-ups that can talk about your products and services at a granular level, while also tying the finer details into your broader entrepreneurial vision. People aren’t just economic units, they’re HUMAN beings, and they love to buy into a good story. An in-depth interview with your CEO or founder will likely be the most direct way for customers to be drawn in by your story.

Interview Industry Leaders

Know someone well spoken in the industry that you can interview? Great. Viewers don’t want to always feel like they are being sold to. Longer format conversational videos with pertinent discussions between you and interesting people working in your field can open the door for you to occasionally pepper the video with verbal references to your product offerings in a natural way that doesn’t overwhelm the visitors to your channel.

Use Timestamps To Increase Watch Time

Creators can add timestamps to videos in order to create logical segments that can then be accessed by viewers. This is especially useful for increasing the watch time when viewers are seeking a specific piece of footage, information or answer to a question. Not everyone has time for lengthy introductions, and viewers can quickly lose interest and move on to another video if they feel that they will be forced to watch a whole 15 minute video to find a 10 second answer. Timestamps allow impatient viewers to quickly navigate to the exact part of the video they want to see. Good manners are important, and on YouTube this is no different. Timestamps are a common courtesy that creators can extend to viewers to save them precious time and thus improve customer relations. This is especially important when the quality of that relationship can affect your sales figures and referrals.

The Parting Shot

If a picture says a thousand words, video says a million. YouTube is simply too powerful and too dominant a tool for reaching audiences for you to avoid using it. While you could scratch out a living on fringe platforms like Bitchute and Vimeo with a lot of hard work, there is simply no parallel for the ease of use found on the world’s second largest search engine, with its array of analytics tools carefully refined to assist marketing efforts. If you aren’t on YouTube yet and you run a business- you should be. End of.

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