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Key Features your Web Pages must have.

Are you building a website? Do you need input on some of the key features your web pages should include? If so, keep reading, this blog has you covered on all you need to know. We will talk about key features for four different pages that should be included when building a website. Those four pages are: The landing page, the contact page, the about us page and lastly the blog page.

The importance of Project Deadlines

Whether we like them or not, deadlines are important. Things have to get done and they have to get done on time. Having deadlines is one of the most effective ways to accomplish long term and short term goals. Creating deadlines can have a major impact on any of your future plans. While a life without deadlines may sound ideal to some people, in the end work has to be completed. Throughout this blog we will talk about why having deadlines is so important and how to set achievable deadlines.

A different way to approach hiring marketing execs for your business (why marketing agencies are emerging as a must-have business service for entrepreneurs.)

So let’s face it, recruiting top-tier talent can be a long, expensive, and draining process.  Whether you’re paying recruiters to do interviews for you, sitting down and going through dozens of resumes and conducting the interviews yourself, or the good-olé-fashioned wait till God sends some mystical ex-apple executive to your door with a resume in hand willing to start at an entry level position; there just is no easy and reliable way.

How Instagram Influencers Changed Marketing “Kylie Jenner Made Me Buy This Stupid T-shirt”

“Butt ugly? Got a face like a half eaten sandwich? Boy does the internet have a job for you! Pick up your phone and start selling on Instagram baby, you’re a star!” If the sorcerers in the Instagram marketing department ever lost their savvy, maybe this would be the…

Mobile Marketing For Beginners Like You, Mi Amigo

What is mobile marketing? Any form of marketing that utilizes mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other cell/mobile phones, is referred to as mobile marketing. Through strategies including mobile-optimized advertisements, push notifications, and mobile applications, mobile marketing tries to connect with a mobile user audience wherever they (and their devices) may be.

Shmarketing! The POWER of Short Form Marketing

For the seventh time this week I’m vacillating between thoughts of murder and suicide. Staring down the barrel of the eternal slumber evoked by dull, static web content will do that to a man. I want to kill someone, or maybe several someones. No. Actually, just the…

Email Marketing For Beginners (& Winners)

The first in a series on “marketing for beginners”. Stay tuned as we dive into the most crucial areas you need to know about when reaching out to customers online What is Email Marketing? Sometimes called “the king of all marketing strategies”, Email marketing is a…

The ULTIMATE Guide To Marketing Expectations: Fantasy VS Reality

We love a challenge. We really do. And at CreativeJC, they come in all shapes and sizes. But perhaps the biggest challenge we face is helping clients understand the playing field that ad wizards face in today’s constantly changing markets. There’s a hell of a lot of…



Why you should be using social media in your business. #business #socialmedia #smma #marketing #advertising #agency

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How awkward silence can help you in sales! #business #sales #success #growth

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The difference between #branding and directmarketing. #marketing

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You will not outwork me. When you enter the business arena it is cut throat and competitive. If you want to win you better be willing to put the work in. I promise you one thing though you will not beat me. #business #growthmindset #hardwork #dedication #kobe

♬ Legends Are Made – Sam Tinnesz

Searching for web design? Ready to blow your KPIs out of the water? We are ready to help you.
Content creation day! If you are ready to take your advertising and marketing to the next level contact us today.
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Do you own an express car wash? We are the marketing company for you! We helped Glide Xpress generate $736,000 in revenue in their first six months at just one location. Contact us to learn more!
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HUGE UPDATE: The new division here at Creative JC has officially launched. We have a dedicated team to the express car wash industry. We also have a website just for car wash marketing. Head over to if you own an express car wash then you want us. We will help your business boom!
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Transcript: Searching. Searching for an answer. Every moment, every hour, every day. We’re seeking something greater or maybe just a simple solution to a problem. At Creativejc we understand your desire to provide that solution whatever that may look like. Your answer, our expertise. We drive web development that meets the needs of a curious world, that is always looking, always searching. Let us help them find you.

Transcript: Is your website under-performing? Are you not getting the sales you want? Well we’re CreativJC and we can help you, just like we’ve helped all of our past clients. Take End Game Boxing & Fitness for example. In their first month we sold 10 711 of merchandise sales, so things like branded hoodies, t-shirts that kind of thing. Beyond that in the first week we sold 138 memberships at 185 bucks a pop that’s over $25 000 in membership sales first week. And it’s not just them, we help all of our clients and we can help you book a free discovery call below and we can chat about how we can help your business grow and succeed, thank you.

Transcript: Look if you want your express car wash to hit three thousand four thousand or even five thousand members in six months to a year and here we are in 2022 and you’re still not doing anything for marketing in your business it’s probably just because you don’t know where to start and a lot of car wash operators are in this exact same boat look my name is grant and i work for CreativeJC and I’ve been doing sales and marketing strategy now for a little over 10 years and three of those years were spent in the express car wash industry where six out of six of our locations hit 3 000 members in less than six months and one of our locations peaked at 7 200 members uh we were watching about a half a million cars a year and doing about 250 grand a month in revenue on just that location and I’m here to tell you that if you want to start marketing your business today and start making that kind of money you really have three options and I’m gonna lay the options out for you number one is do it yourself and the chances are you don’t have the marketing knowledge uh or or the time to do that so this isn’t typically the best option now option two is the most expensive option okay it’s go out and spend time recruiting a director of marketing not a marketing manager because they’re not going to have the experience to develop strategies for you but the reason this is the most expensive option is because you’re going to be looking to pay someone experienced 75 to 120 000 a year and that doesn’t even include the time it takes to train the person or even find the person and at that point you still haven’t even spent a dollar on actually on any sort of marketing but here’s option three and it’s hire an entire team of marketing and sales professionals which is by the way completely tax deductible for 10 of the cost of a marketing executive i mean this is hands down the most cost effective and easiest way to get started marketing your business if you’re interested in a step-by-step guide on how we can get you to three thousand four thousand or even five thousand numbers click the link below and schedule the time to meet me and my award-winning team and let’s go sell some memberships!

Transcript: What’s going on today we are going to be talking about which platform is best for your eCommerce store [Music] the main four we’re going to talk about actually the only four we’re going to talk about here is shopify woocommerce bigcommerce and square now there are other things out there like big solutions that for example best buy doesn’t use this amazon doesn’t use any of these but if you’re looking into building an eCommerce website these are the main four you’re going to be looking at so let’s just take a quick dive into each starting with shopify shopify is really the the it’s what started it all on this on these kind of quick and easy to use platforms for e-commerce uh what’s really good about shopify is they have a vast array of plug-ins so everything integrates with shopify because they’ve been around so dang long so it’s really good on that end um i actually personally don’t really like shopify for a few other reasons we’ll get into later but let’s quickly talk about the price of shopify so shopify starts at five dollars then it goes their next tier up is 29 and then above that is 79 and then um once you get really big they have uh shopify plus which minimum starts at two grand uh a month and and to be this is the reason i don’t like shopify is because for example to do what you can do in woocommerce in shopify you have to be on this level of membership two grand per month um it just doesn’t give you the flexibility now that being said if you’re not a web developer or you can’t afford to hire an agency like us shopify is very easy and it’s easy to understand and will get you up and running next we’re going to talk about woocommerce woocommerce is you can do pretty much anything you want it’s completely customizable as it’s based off WordPress and WordPress 70 of all the websites on the world wide web are WordPress and woocommerce is part of WordPress so it can be anywhere from zero dollars up to as much as you want to spend i mean our website builds start at about five thousand for normal websites for e-commerce they start at 7 500 to 10 grand and and go up from there so it depends on what you’re doing um i would not recommend woocommerce if you’re just trying to get something up and running by yourself um unless you have web unless your background was in web development then awesome then i would definitely recommend woocommerce now bigcommerce bigcommerce is the new kid on the block and they’re trying to compete with shopify but what’s cool about bigcommerce is a lot of the stuff that you have to pay extra for in shopify comes working out of the box in big commerce let me give you an example so for discounts um in shopify all you can do is percentage or direct dollars like 50 off or you know four dollars off your product in big commerce you can do things like buy two get free buy two get one free as well as obviously the percentage and the other regular discounts but it gives you a lot more flexibility straight out of the box now let’s get into pricing for big commerce so for price for big commerce it starts at 29.95 per month then it goes to 79 95 and then it goes 299 995 and then they have end up um so after you get to after you’re doing 400k a year in revenue it’s gonna be like call for a price so for what do you get for 29.95 uh it’s if your revenue so all of them are fully featured but it’s based on how much revenue you do per year so 50k or less in revenue per year you’re at 29.95 if you’re at 180k in revenue or less you’re at 79.95 and then 400k or less than annual revenue you’re at 299.95 if you’re making more than 400 000 a year then you would be talking to just give them a ring and talk to them about it so lastly let’s move on to square so square is kind of it’s in its own realm and here’s what i mean if you’re an e-commerce business that isn’t selling brick and mortar you only selling online just stay away from square it’s not not even worth looking into where square excels is if you’re selling the majority of your product in store and you kind of just want to have a little bit of a web presence reason i say this is square does things like payroll it can file taxes it can do a whole host of really good business features or if you’re a service-based business and you’re running your businesses off of just sending out invoices then square can work really well but their feature set for building eCommerce websites is very minimal um and it’s i just wouldn’t um recommend it where it does excel though like i said if it’s your primary business is a brick and mortar store selling products out of that location then square is by far and away the best out of all of these because you can manage your team like you can have employees on there you can have payroll on there you can have taxes on there you can do a whole bunch of stuff that the other ones can’t even touch if you’re not selling very much online and you just want a website square would be the way to go otherwise I’d stay away from square like i said if you’re woocommerce if you’re hiring an agency like us we’re probably going to do everything on woocommerce with the exception of some clients just really love shopify so we do it on shopify for them so if you’re a web developer or you’re hiring a professional agency agency they’re gonna probably do woocommerce if you’re doing it yourself I’d recommend between one of these two and really it depends on how many plug-ins you’re gonna need and like the exact capabilities you need i recommend big commerce over shopify most of the time however because they’re newer if they’re certain if you’re like in a certain market that maybe they don’t have plug-ins built for big commerce yet then you might have to go with shopify so you’d want to play around and see which one would be best for you um but again if you’re hiring an agency like us we’re going to build everything on woocommerce because we can it’s going to be completely custom and there’s nothing we can’t do with shopify and bigcommerce you’re kind of limited by what the platform and their API code will let you do with woocommerce we can do whatever the hell we want so all right guys so lastly like comment subscribe if you have any questions leave them down below and maybe I’ll make a new video about them or if you want to know maybe more in depth about one of these products let me know so i can make a video it’s been real again my name is jack with CreativeJC please like comment share subscribe and I’m out.

Transcript: What’s going on? today we are going to be talking about advertising agencies and why you should hire one for your small to medium-sized business [Music] a lot of people think that advertising agencies are only for big companies or large corporations with massive advertising budgets and that’s just not the case in fact advertising agencies can actually help you save money so let me explain how when you are small to medium size business you know that advertising and marketing is important you need to have really great offers to drive traffic to your location or for your services but having that offer isn’t all that it takes you have to get that offer in front of the right people and if you spend some money on advertising and you go to maybe a radio station maybe Facebook ads maybe wherever and you say hey i want to spend this much money on advertising if you’re not experienced in advertising you don’t know if those views are going to be to the right people so the first thing you need to do is figure out an advertising strategy you need to figure out where your target audience is eyeballs are for example if you are marketing lawn care services right you’re not going to want to get in you’re not probably not going to want to advertise on TikTok or somewhere that 14 year old girls are viewing it right you want to be somewhere probably where a 35 to 45 year old man that has the income to have a house where is their attention first you need to figure out where your audience is where your target audience where their attention is and then what you need to do is figure out what’s the best arbitrage and marketing for that demographic what i mean by that is you need to figure out the cheapest place you can buy media so that could be Facebook ads it could be a billboard it could be radio it could be TV it could be mailers but in this day and age it’s mostly digital so probably Facebook google YouTube TikTok buying Instagram influencers like there’s a whole host of things you can do so what you do is you figure out a strategy where the majority of your budget should be spent then you find the cheapest price to get the most eyeballs from your target demographic and if you’re not an advertising agency or you’re not a professional marketer it’s going to be pretty tough for you to do you’re an operator in your business this isn’t what you do so here’s how we save you money yeah you pay a fee that you wouldn’t otherwise pay if you’re hiring an advertising agency like us but what you get with that is we’re going to spend your money very very wisely on buying the media or buying the attention so when you go to someone that and you’re trying to buy media they’re just going to give you whatever they currently have because they know you don’t know what’s best so they’re just going to sell it to you right with us we know and we’re going to say this is exactly what we want this is our budget per impression and we’re gonna we’re gonna either have them give it to us or we’ll find it elsewhere and they know that and so we drive much better deals when we’re buying media so that’s the number one reason really that advertising agencies will actually save you money and it will be the best money you spend because if you if you’ve been struggling to grow struggling to get leads struggling to get sales putting some money into an advertising agency and then putting ad spend or an ad budget behind them it’s going to blow your business up assuming that you have a product or service that people want so if you’re curious about how we can help you we never do it we’re not like high pressure sales people we want to sit down with you and have a conversation about how we can help your business and if you’re curious on how we can do that definitely just go to our website which is down below in the description and book a free discovery call with us so we can figure out how we can help grow your business but even if you don’t work with us i urge you to work with a professional agency the last thing i want to touch on is in this day and age there are a lot of people who have heard online that they can make money by starting small or social media management companies and while that is important and some social media and we do social media management too the problem is there’s a lot of people who have never done social media management who are 18 to 20 year old kids who heard online they should make money and they start selling this even though they have no experience so the one caution i would give you is when you are working with an advertising agency specifically if it’s for social media stuff do your research here’s a tip if they have a google listing like on actual google maps not just like on google search if it’s on google maps it means the location’s been verified in order to get on google maps here’s what happens you put your business there and then before it gets verified they send you a postcard so like to our office what happens is they send us a postcard and it has those you know how like when you verify a text you get a text and it says numbers and you have to put the uh digits the six digits into the computer same thing here except it comes in a postcard mailed to your address and you have to put the digits from the postcard in so one of the biggest things is if they have a verified google listing in like a commercial building or something like that that’s a pretty dang good sign they’re legitimate company and then on top of that if they have five star reviews on google on Trustpilot on any of these verified review places those are really good signs and by the way CreativeJC has all five star reviews on all those platforms and so um you know do your math figure out what what’s best for you and we’re happy to help you um and we can really help skyrocket your business so if you’re interested in learning more give us a ring um but do your advertising do your marketing it’s worth the money it’s the reason there’s a reason the big guys all do it it’s because it frickin works so thanks guys uh and furthermore if you have any questions leave them down in a comment below if you want me to make a video on anything else or specific let me know I’d be happy to do that but for now please like comment subscribe and share with your friends so they can get success in business too again my name is jack with creativejc thank you.

Transcript: How awkward silence can improve your sales game. Here’s what i mean if you’ve ever been in a sales conversation with a prospect and they you offer a service you offer your price you offer something right and they just don’t say anything for maybe five seconds and then you come back in and interject you know oh well we could do this this or this what that does is it gives them power because it mean they know then that you’re willing to negotiate so when this happens when you’ve said something and you’re waiting for a response for them i don’t care how long it is don’t say anything once you say and the price is going to be four thousand dollars you sit there you don’t talk so the price is gonna be four thousand dollars or the price is gonna be four thousand dollars what do you think could be 30 seconds could be a minute don’t say anything because they’re gonna say something it gets awkward if you can if you can do that you will retain power if you can retain the power you can more easily close the sale for your desired price.

Transcript: If you’re an express car wash owner and you want to hit 3 000 4 000 or even 5 000 members in as little as six months to a year and here we are in 2022 and you’re still doing nothing for marketing in your business it’s probably because you just don’t know where to start a lot of car wash operators are in the same boat well look my name is grant and i work for CreativeJC and I’ve been doing sales and marketing strategy now for a little over 10 years with three of those years spent in the express car wash industry where six out of six of our locations hit three thousand members in less than six months we had one location peak at 7 200 members i mean we were doing 250 000 a month in net revenue alone and washing at one location half a million cars a year and look I’m here to tell you that if you want to start marketing your business today and you haven’t started you can start and you have three options option number one is do it yourself but let’s be honest because of the way that marketing strategy has changed in just the last three to five years with the emergence of platforms like TikTok and the changes in the Facebook and Instagram algorithms alone chances are you may not have the knowledge but more importantly you just don’t have the time so this leads us to option two now this is the most expensive option and one a lot of companies still use today that’s go out and recruit a marketing director you want someone with experience that you can count on that knows a lot about sales and marketing strategy but also has experience that’s specific to the car wash industry so you can see why this is the most expensive option i mean you’re gonna be paying anywhere from seventy five thousand to a hundred thousand dollars a year or more which is about five thousand dollars a month just to hire this person and that doesn’t include the time it takes to find the person train that person and after all that you still haven’t even put a dollar into the marketing materials advertising costs or any content creation for your company and that leads us to option three which is the best option which is hire me and my entire team of marketing and sales professionals completely tax deductible by the way for 10 percent the cost of a marketing executive i mean this right here is hands down the most cost effective and easiest way to get started marketing your business today if you’re interested in how we can get you three thousand four thousand or even five thousand members in as little as six months go to CreativeJC schedule a time to meet with me and my entire award-winning team and let’s get started selling some memberships.

Transcript: Let’s quickly talk about the difference between branding and direct marketing branding is what Nike does right they produce really quality content and they have influencers talk about their product and other people wear their product so you’re always thinking about Nike direct marketing is what ninety percent of the world does it says hey buy two get one free you’re giving a specific offer right and you you’re giving a direct call to action to do something long term it’s been proven that branding is more valuable but if you need money quickly direct marketing is what you’re going to have to do.

Transcript: Hey guys it’s jack with creativejc and today we’re going to talk about the difference between sales as of sales you might be familiar with car sales cell phone sales direct to consumer sales like that and sales for b2b businesses like what CreativeJC does because we’re selling to businesses not consumers the reason i have this out here is because this is something i bought from someone who sells artwork and this is direct to consumer and so we’re going to talk a little bit about the difference of selling something like this versus selling professional services or professional products to businesses so let’s get into it [Music] one of the main differences in like there’s a real negative feeling that a lot of people have towards sales people and it’s because of car salesmen cell phone sales guys which by the way i used to sell cell phones uh sell cell phones that’s a interesting way to say it but anyway um the reason there’s negative feeling is because a lot of times to be successful in those types of sales environments high pressure works right getting them to just pay the money right then right there no matter what and like that works for that kind of sales for them to meet their sales reps or to meet their sales quota for the reps to meet their sales quota um it works and it the people who make the most money in those industries are the people that are willing to be high pressure like that but it’s very different when you get into b2b sales because businesses aren’t going to be bullied around to buy things and your reputation as a business would be trash right if you sold like that and here’s what i mean if i sold and i just pushed you to buy buy buy and maybe a business bought from our advertising services but they really didn’t want to well they’re not going to have a good experience with us even if we do really good work they’re not going to have a good experience because their first impression of us is negative and so when we sell so when CreativeJC sells and when i say sell it it’s very that’s a loose term because we’re not really selling what we’re doing is we’re going into meetings we have sales meetings right with potential clients and we’re identifying core problems that their business has and we’re seeing that if that our services can solve those problems and if they can then we talk about price and see if it fits their budget and if all of those things align then we work with them we never pressure anyone to buy services and i and i don’t think that any b2b sales should be like that i think that when you’re selling b2b it’s problem solving and so if you’re a business owner and you have uh you know say a medium-sized business that is struggling to collect bookings say you’re a chiropractor right you’re struggling to collect bookings online and manage them you just get random phone calls and stuff and you’re you have no solution for managing all your bookings well hiring us that’s that’s the thing we can solve right now the next question is budget but let’s just talk about that problem specifically so if you’re a chiropractor and we sit down and i start asking you questions the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to ask a bunch of questions to identify your problems and then for something like a problem like that well that’s something we can solve and so then we’ll go through our solution which would be to build out a booking site booking website that you can direct people to and that will automatically manage all your bookings make sure you’re not double booked and you can also qualify people through that way so like you can have them fill out a form saying you know they have you know neck pain or shoulder pain or or whatever it is right you can make that form say whatever they want before the booking actually gets accepted um you know if you’re if you’re an online e-commerce which is in the past what we’ve specialized in and we still do specialize in that but we are expanding to other services as well but if you’re an online e-commerce platform or around platform but store and you know your big thing is you want to sell more products most of the time e-commerce businesses that’s our biggest issue is selling more products and so a lot of times uh e-commerce stores will come to us and they’ll say hey we’re spending all this money on ads but we’re not getting the sales that we think we should have so a lot of times people think it’s the the ads problem what we found out is that well here let’s put it this way if you have an e-commerce store and um you have your you have some company or maybe you yourself are running ads the only job that at your Facebook ads Youtube ads like whatever platform you’re using to run ads the only job of the ads is to send them to a landing page or to your website once they’re on that landing or page or your website it’s the job of the website or the landing page to actually convert and sell the product right so a lot of times we’ll find is that they’re driving traffic to the landing page or website but then the page is built so poorly it’s not built for conversions that it doesn’t sell and so they’re they’re they think it’s an ad problem when actually it’s a website conversion problem right so and these are like during the discovery call that we do this is what we’re trying to get at and we’re trying to find the real core of the issue the consumer or the customer rather the business is having so once we identify the the root problem then we can say hey this is the service we offer that fixes it this is the price we offer it in you know all upfront payment or uh if you want a discount or we offered a monthly service package or whatever right like we have different service packages that we offer to solve different problems that’s the difference in selling with b2b is you’re sitting down with a business and you’re finding out what you can do to solve a problem that that business is having and so creativejc we’re a marketing company and a web development company as well as now a software development company and so we cover a vast array of problems but hypothetically if someone came to us and says um you know hey we’ll pay you a hundred thousand dollars to uh you know solve our recruiting problem or we’ll actually recruiting problems we might be able to solve because we could do that throughout but if they come to us and say hey we’re having an accounting issue we’ll pay a hundred grand to do it we’re gonna say no we’re not the right firm for you because we know nothing about accounting right like that’s not not what we do and so whereas like um consumer sales is it’s like whatever you can do to get that money in the door right car salesman that’s why that’s why car salesmen have such a bad rap is because the people who get really successful at car sales a lot of times not always because you can do it without doing this but a lot of times they do things that are maybe a little sketchy and so that’s the biggest difference is in in consumer sales it’s more high pressure to buy and then in business sales it’s much more solve a problem now i do think that you can be really successful with that modeling consumer sales in some consumer sales industry industries um but that’s the biggest difference in the key takeaways and when you’re working with uh if you’re trying to get into b2b sales just take that uh approach is that you’re solving a problem and so when you’re selling to a business you should be listening more than you’re talking i mean you should be listening 70 80 of the time for then what what you’re talking because you want to hear and let them identify their pain points and once they’ve identified what their actual pain points are like what’s causing their business issues and what hurts them then you can figure out how to solve those issues right so again that’s the biggest that’s the biggest difference um that’s all i got for you today so please go ahead and like comment subscribe share and what else what else do they want to say in these videos ring the bell for notifications all the good stuff i would appreciate it but thanks guys that’s all.


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