Tada Rugs.

Tada rugs sells oversized yoga mats disguised as a rug.

Hero Tada Rugs Web Design 1

The Objective.

Tada Rugs was struggling with terrible conversion on their ads. We helped identify the problem, build them a new site that converts, and continue to help with their marketing.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Yoga is a space that is filled with amazing people however many of those people typical are not people who spend much money so we had to find a way to optimize the performance and conversion of their website before driving traffic to their website by paid ads and organic SEO.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Design and Development
Web Development
Content Strategy



Visual Differentiation

The yoga space is crowded, and as a result, brands oftentimes struggle to differentiate. It was imperative that we created a visual design with character, but was still clean and optimized for conversion.

Maintain Speed

Ecommerce websites tend to have a lot of bloat, and Tada’s conversion rates were suffering because of it. We needed to deliver a dynamic experience but keep page load times at a bare minimum.

Fast Rollout

In 60 days we rolled out a brand new website that converts. The critical improvements to the home, collection, and product pages which instantly improved sales. Over the course of the following 60 days we iterated and improved broader areas of the website, while also A/B testing previous improvements.

Clean & Personable

It was important that the brand felt premium, but it also inclusive for all different types of yogi as this is their key differentiator. The interface, colors, copy, imagery, and experience all needed to unite perfectly to make this happen.

The Results.


Increase in overall conversion rates


Decrease in bounce rates


Average order value