Throne Consulting.

Throne Consulting is an amazing VA (virtual assistant) company with a national presence.

Throne Consulting Hero

The Objective.

To rebrand from Confedeli to Throne Consulting and develop a simple and professional website.

Unique Problems to Solve.

We had a full rebrand and changing of company direction with this project. From strategizing colors to many renditions of logos to video introductions and much more we had to build a new brand.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Development
UI/UX Design
Design and Development
Web Development




They needed to completely change their company identity as they were changing markets.

Simple and Professional

Throne wanted a very simple site geared only to get people to email or call them. That’s exactly what we delivered.

The Results.

Phone calls 1st month

Emails 1st month


Bounce Rate