Weekly Round Up Dec 5-11

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Hello and welcome back to our weekly round up. This week we put our focus on an intro video we created for one of your clients. Be sure to check out the YouTube video below!


Endgame Intro Video


my name is jeff mcbride i’m the owner of

endgame boxing and fitness i’m so glad

to have this opportunity to bring to you

all these years of really working with

people trying to get them to their goals

and that’s what we wanted to bring this

concept end game is all about giving

everyone the opportunity to be their

best selves to help them progress and we

do that with small style classes uh we

go ahead and teach you through boxing

through strength and cardio we’re going

to do everything possible to make sure

that you finally meet that end-game goal

when i say that it’s not about just

losing 10 pounds tomorrow it’s not about

just feeling good not the only thing

it’s about getting to that spot in your

life where you feel like this is where i

belong this is where i’m the most

comfortable and i’m glad that i’m part

of the community that will help me do

that and that’s what it is to be part of

the engagement


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