Weekly Round Up Jan 2-8

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This week we’ve posted content on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok! Click on the Instagram link to see our special announcement. But before you do that make sure you check out the YouTube video about our affiliate program.


Our Affiliate Program at Creative JC


what’s going on you guys thank you so

much for taking a look here at creative

jc’s affiliate program my name is jack

christiansen i am the owner and founder

of creativity

as you can see

behind me

so i just wanted to take a quick minute

to do a couple of things i want to

introduce you to the program and see if

it’s all right fit for you and you

introduce myself as uh i work closely

with all the affiliates

so our affiliate program i really do

believe is something special and i’m

really happy to finally do something

um the reason i think it’s something

special is i mean look at our views

every single one of our clients loves

working with us so you can feel really

good about the products you are selling

number two these are high-value services

or high-ticket services so it gives an

opportunity to really make yourself

substantial money you’re not making five

ten fifty bucks

you’re making hundreds thousands for

tens of thousands of dollars for sale

um and we sell services the lowest

service we really saw was about 300

bucks so it’s just like a simple logo

our minimum website sale is a thousand

books on our average website

is about five thousand dollars


as far as payment goes it’s uh on a

sliding scale start that ten percent

goes all the way up to thirty five

percent and so

even at a very basic product we sell the

most basic

services and again what’s really cool is

that these are services that our

customers love will really help

businesses grow so you can feel good and

confident about selling services

the other thing that we really pride


as far as like


content and logos or videos or help with

like determining what streams or what

advertising might work the best for you

we’re here to help you always reach out

to us at

affiliates at

creativejc.com or

um you can definitely just contact me

there’s lightning

free of jc or you can contact

mine which is 737-255-8129

and all of the people we work with love

our service that we provide

for them too that’s what we really pride

ourselves on we want to make our


that’s how we do business we want

everyone that we are involved in

business with to win

we believe that’s the right way to do


so if you’re a student becoming an


below you’ll be in contact shortly

thanks so much have a great day



Announcement 📢 coming soon! Stay tuned if you are a marketer. We are starting an affiliate program at Creative JC. More details coming soon. 

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Affiliate Marketing Program


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