Weekly Round Up Jan 9-15

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Our content for this week put a lot of focus on YouTube and Instagram. Be sure to check out both of the YouTube videos that were posted. And click the provided links to see the Instagram posts.


What Creative Means to Us | Agency Promo For Creative JC



we have all heard this word

but to us it’s not just a word in our


it’s a way of life


breathes life creativity

gives us a reason to fight creativity is

in our dna


we are creative jc

we are artists

we are innovators

and we will help your brand stand above

the rest


so stop waiting and start winning with



Our Affiliate Program at Creative JC


hey everyone my name is jack christensen

and i’m the owner of creative jc

i am here to introduce you to our

affiliate program

what’s really cool about our affiliate

program is it’s high ticket services

that you’ll be selling but that means is

you don’t have to sell a lot of them

make a lot of money

uh our services range from a thousand

bucks up to fifty thousand dollars so

you can make a lot of money and as far

as your commission it’s paid on a

percentage scale anywhere from 10

to 35


why should you partner with us and

become an affiliate marketer with

creative jc

well for one thing we’re a great company

what i mean by that is that all of our

customers and clients who we work with

rave about our work they love our work

we help them make more money and we help

them improve their business so you can

feel good

about selling them our services

uh in fact that’s how we run our whole

businesses in mutually beneficial

situations so in this instance the

mutually beneficial situation is we make

more sales

you make high commission and the clients

you sell get to improve their business

that’s how we’ve always ran our business

not only that but instead of like other

affiliate marketing programs you’re just

kind of on your own

uh we are always here you can reach out

to us at any time through affiliates


or you can just give us a ring we’re

here to help we want you to make sales

we want to pay you what you’re worth

um so guys if you are interested in that

if you want to work with a company who

has your back please just fill out the

form below to get started thank you

Endgame Grand Opening



We are Creative JC. New agency promo video 🔥📢

Let me know what you think! 

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Promo video for the grand opening of Endgame Boxing and Fitness that we did.

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