Weekly Round up July 3-9

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This weekly round up includes three of our blog articles that were posted. Take a look at the preview we provided and then click the read more link to read the post in full. The topics that were covered include: Which is the best e-commerce website, difference between a web designer & web developer and the importance of newsletters.


Which platform is best for your e-commerce website?

A comparison. AKA “Help! I’m drowning in options!” 

Look, I understand. You’ve been out there roaming the badlands of the Walmart dairy aisle, thinking wild and  unkempt thoughts about raking in dough from online sales, while simultaneously beating back the everyday  tedium of deciding between Pepper Jack, or regular Cheddar cheese from the display in front of you. We’ve all  been there (Pepper Jack is the way to go, btw). And like the rest of us, you soon realized that unlike a dainty  selection of cheeses, eCommerce provides options that aren’t so much a tad more complex as they are a  labyrinthine cannon-ball run of intricacy.  

There’s enough options to make your eyes bleed, to be frank. But have no fear, ya boy is here, and by the sheer  power of the promise of filthy lucre in return for my keyboard tippy-tapping, I will simplify this playing field for  you. Read more.

Difference between a web designer and web developer

Many people use the two terms web design and web development interchangeably, however they are two very different things. When you break them down and take a look further into each, you can see just how different they truly are. This blog will take an in depth look at what each exactly is, the differences as well as the similarities. Read more.

Are newsletters necessary?

Does your business currently have an email newsletter? If you answered NO, this is your sign to create one! Backed by a strong strategy, email marketing campaigns can deliver stable return on investment (ROI) as well as other benefits.

The importance of creating newsletters for your business is sometimes overlooked and seen as outdated. However newsletters continue to be a reliable form of promoting content and keep customers informed about everything that is happening in your business. Read more.


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