Weekly Round Up June 26-July 2

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In this weekly round up we have the content we posted all throughout the week. The platforms we posted on this week were YouTube, Our Blog, Instagram and TikTok. Some of the different topics covered were Our Process, Examples of contact pages and 4 types of sales objections. Take a look through this weekly round up and click on the links provided to see more videos and read articles in full.


Our Process | Working With Creative JC


i’m going to talk a little bit today

about the process of working with

creative jc when we are building your


after you’ve decided to work with us

there’s seven main steps the first one

is mockups mockups is pretty simple all

we do is we design completely custom how

your website will look online so we

design every single page how it will

look then we send it over to you which

brings us to the second step which is


so you’ve got the the way it’ll look and

you say i like this this i don’t like

that and that

send it back

we correct it do it again send it back

to you until it’s perfect which brings

us to our third step after it’s perfect

we go into development this is where we

actually program and code your website

uh so it works online and you could

actually go to your domain and you see

your website

the next step after it’s developed it’s

a functioning website online go into

user testing this is where we do heat

maps figuring out where people are

falling off of the website

all of that kind of stuff basically

making sure the website is effective and

converts well

following that is seo and analytics

setup so seo setup is creating backlinks

it’s making sure that all of your

on-page and technical seo you set up

your rbt text files all of the

many things that go into seo that we do

about 41 different things in the seo


also in this step we

install all the tracking pixels so

google google analytics your facebook

analytics all of that kind of stuff so

we actually have data that we can send

you every month and show you how it’s

performing and that it is effective

after that we launch

your website is live

you’re sending people to your website

you’re making sales you’re getting


it’s good

now the last step after that is if you

if you’re still working with us if we’re

doing paid ads for you whatever the

other things we’re doing maybe we’re

managing your social media running

facebook ads youtube ads

whatever it may be following steps are

basically continuing working with us

marketing or

blog writing or any of the other

services that we offer but that was just

a quick overview of our process building

a website here at creativejc thank you


We are an EFFECTIVE marketing agency!
We build creative websites that sell!
4 types of sales objections
The number 1 factor in raking on Google!


15 Examples of Awesome Contact Pages

1: https://brandaffair.ro/contact– The large pink flamingo is the first thing you see when you land on this contact page. Aside from that they offer three different methods of communication. A map to show their exact location, a “meet us” section which includes their phone number and email as well as a pinch us section, which is a place where businesses can submit ideas. Read more.

10 of the BEST ways to drive traffic to your website

One of the most sought after things for a business owner is getting more traffic to their website. The best ways to drive traffic to your website are below. Over half of business owners say getting traffic is one of the most difficult tasks. This blog is going to provide you with information on how to drive people to your website. There are millions of different ways to do so, we will focus on the top ten ways. Read more.

E-Commerce vs Informational Website

The world today is all about websites. Almost all businesses have websites and the ones who do not are missing out a great deal on potential growth. Did you know that there are different types of websites businesses can have? In this blog we will compare and contrast ecommerce websites versus informational websites. These both serve different purposes which is why they are so different. Read more.



We are an EFFECTIVE marketing agency. We average a 4x ROAS (return on ad spend) for our clients. If you are ready to work with an effective and reliable agency then you’re ready to work with Creative JC! 



We build creative websites that sell. Book a free consultation today!




We are an EFFECTIVE marketing agency. We average a 4x ROAS (return on ad spend) for our clients. If you are ready to work with an effective and reliable agency then you’re ready to work with Creative JC! #webdevelopment #marketing #shopify #dtc #igdaily #design #branding #sales #business

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We are an EFFECTIVE marketing agency
4 types of sales objections!
The number 1 factor in ranking on Google


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