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Our content for this week was spread across three of our platforms: YouTube, Instagram and our blog section. Be sure to click the links below to check out what happened this week at Creative JC.


Welcome to Creative JC






welcome to creativejc my name is jeff

christensen and i’m the owner and

founder of creativejc we are based in

austin texas we are an advertising one

development agency

we specialize in managing your brand on

time we have web development and design

seo which stands for search engine

optimization how you rank on google or

branding branding is a whole thing of

itself so their branding encompasses

logo design

uh ppc or ppi which is pay-per-click or

paper uh impression advertising on like

facebook or google or youtube or

snapchat or instagram or one of the many

other platforms that are out there today

it also could be logo design

or brand strategy or anything else

business cards you name it and do it



again just take a look over my website

if you have any questions feel free to

give us a ring give us an email or use

the link to schedule a meeting with us

thank you guys so much



Chiropractor Web Design


all right guys my name is jack

christensen with creative jc

so you’re a chiropractor you like to

help people you treat them for back

injuries which i myself uh have a little

bit of right now but that’s neither here

nor there um as a chiropractor your work

is important

and having a website that correctly

displays that work and shows the

services that you offer

is vitally important especially in this

day and age

your website will help you boost sales

manage bookings and overall just make

your business more presentable

then that’s the website design there’s

also seo which is both local and

national seo and for

chiropractors it’s more important to


localized seo so that’s like getting

your google maps location up and running

and uh continuing to do

the needed seo for your

maps presence and your google my

business presence

but it’s also doing on-page seo and many

other things

long story short here at creative gc we

specialize in chiropractic websites just

like yours we can do everything from the

seo to a full build full redesign

whether you need that at word press or

something more full full stack utilizing

react or something of that nature

but bottom line we have something to fit

you any budget our website start at a

thousand dollars and depending on the

amount of customization and everything

you know can go up from there most

chiropractic websites that we’ve done

like elite chiropractic flow


uh or key chiropractic or any of the

other number of chiropractors we’ve done

websites for on average a chiropractic

website is between fifteen hundred and

two thousand dollars

so um guys just pick up the phone give

me a call give us a call and uh we’d be

happy to help you and we’d love to hear

from you thanks




SEO Jumpstart | Service Breakdown



Getting Backlinks in 2022

As we look towards 2022 we would all like to see our businesses grow am I right? Well in this article I will lay out how getting backlinks in 2022 will help you business grow. First let us define backlinks (if you already know what back links are and just want ideas on how to get them skip down a couple sections). Backlinks are when another website links back to yours. For example if you have an article published on Forbes and there is a link in the article back to your website that is a back link. If you have your website on your social media that is also a backlink. Alright so now that we know what a back link is why should you care? Well backlinks are a HUGE part of Googles algorithm (see more here) and getting backlinks in 2022 is just as important as ever! Read more.



New website for Artisan Japan! Haruto had this to say:

“I cannot thank Creative JC enough! They have completely revolutionized my business and changed my life. I am bringing in more sales then I ever thought possible. They always go above and beyond!”

As he said we will always go above abs beyond. We only succeed if we help your business succeed. 

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Elite Chiropractic website. Websites are so much more then just a place to put information. A well designed abs developed website can help you manage your bookings saving you time, will help you grow your business increasing your income and so so much more. Here at Creative JC we believe the only way we will be successful is by helping our clients business grow and solving problems for our clients.

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How much would it help your business to rank on Google for multiple keywords? Do these to get ranked on Google! For the non blurred out version head over to our website and scroll to the very bottom of the page 

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