Weekly Round Up Nov 21-27

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It’s time for another weekly round up with your team at Creative JC. This week we uploaded a few different videos to our YouTube channel. You can find the videos below! The topics that were covered all relate to SEO. Scroll down to check them out.


SEO at Creative JC


hey guys today we’re going to be talking

about seo and the services we provide

for seo here at creative jc

before we can talk about that we have to

first address well why is seo important

well seo is important because it stands

for search engine optimization pretty

simple right

why would that be important it’s

important because

everybody and their mother uses google

these days

everybody and their mother uses youtube

and facebook and everything else all of


is encompassed with search engine


now imagine if

let’s say your business is

selling shoes

and you’re selling shoes in boulder

colorado okay if you could rank as the

number one place on google for selling

shoes in boulder colorado what do you

think that could do for your business

well the research is pretty clear we do

a lot

seo pays for itself when it’s done


and there’s a lot of seo companies and


so-called experts out there that are

going to use a lot of jargon and you’re

not really going to know what they’re

doing and the results don’t work

here at creative jc yes we know all the

technical jargon yes we know all of that

but we’re not going to use that with you

you will have a clear and defined idea

of what we are doing and how it is

helping you and why we are doing it

our results are backed

everything that we’re doing for you has

worked for other people and it will

continue working and that’s why with

like seo jumpstart we guarantee ranking

the same is true we guarantee ranking

for our monthly seo packages

so let’s get into that now that we’ve

identified why seo is important bottom

line it’s going to make you money

uh let’s talk about our two seo services

the first one is seo jumpstart it’s a

guaranteed ranking on google

it’s a one-time fee and we’re going to

do about 50 different things

within seo jumpstart to do that and if

you want to learn what those 50 things

are or learn more about that service

there’s a link down below go ahead and

click that for seo jumpstart the other

option is for people that are a little

more familiar with seo and know that

they want to

do seo on a monthly basis here at

creative jc we target smaller businesses

we’re not targeting large corporations

and we want to make it affordable for

people to get started with monthly seo a

lot of services charge one two three ten

thousand dollars a month for seo

services we do not

we have three main monthly we have basic

business and enterprise seo

like i said it’s basic and that starts

at 4.99 a month



is 7.49 per month and enterprise or most

expensive monthly seo package is 9.99

per month

if you’re curious about what’s included

in each of those because again we do

believe in full transparency click the

link below or scroll down and you’ll see

it as well to see more information on

our monthly seo and why people do seo


instead of normally just a one-time

thing so that’s been a quick wrap of our

seo services and why it’s important to

your business to use seo which is again

search engine optimization thanks





Monthly SEO


hey guys today we’re going to be talking

about our seo services and specifically

our monthly seo services here at

creative jc we have two main types of

seo services

one is seo job start which is a one-time

payment and you can see that down below

click the link somewhere below and it

will take you to that page today though

we’re going to be talking about our

monthly packages which are geared for

businesses that are familiar with seo or

that are ready to make a monthly

commitment towards seo

the reason businesses do this is because

seo is an ongoing process continually

writing new content so your

pages are more visible to google making

re-optimizing everything as you upload

new content is uploaded there’s a whole

host of things we do in our monthly seo

depending on which package you go with

it’ll include different things so we

have three main types of seo for monthly

uh the first is basic the second is

business and the third is enterprise now

the names are just names that’s all they

are look at what’s actually in each one

to find out what’s best for your

business or if you have no idea like i’m

not a marketing guy that’s on you well

then go to the link up top and click

schedule time to talk we can help walk

you through

which things you need and which things

you don’t uh we don’t want to charge you

any more than we have to to do what’s

good we believe in mutually beneficial

business arrangements and so seo should

pay for itself and the seo that we do

will pay for itself

you might be asking why should i make a

monthly commitment when you guys have

this great package like seo jumpstart

well the reason is is because seo

jumpstart is great it will get you

ranked on google however it’s not going

to keep you there

seo is a long term thing and it’s a

monthly thing that needs to be done and

we do active work every single month on

these packages to make sure you stay at

the top of your rankings but for this

video i just wanted to go over what

those are and uh quickly i’m going to go

over the prices so our basic seo price

is 500 per month

our business seo price is 750 per month

and our enterprise seo is a thousand

dollars per month now that might sound

like a lot and if you’re from seo it

sounds like nothing those are very

inexpensive prices and we do this

because we’re targeting smaller


we’re not targeting large corporations

which pay sometimes 50 to 100 000 a

month for the seo we’re targeting small

businesses so they can get a feel for

what seo can do and seo guys will make

you money

so those are our prices those are


of our monthly seo services




Basic SEO


hey guys

today we’re going to be talking about

our basic seo package and what that

includes and what it entails

so our basic package let’s start with us

cost 4.99 and that is a monthly fee 499

so what do you get for that before i go

into the details of what you get with it

i must also state because i do believe

in full transparency it is a minimum of

six months that you must stay with it

the reason for this is i know it’s a

little bit of a commitment but the

reason for this is because seo takes

time it’s not something that happens



with our basic seo

for like a full laundry list of

everything that is included you can look

down below and we fully describe



what is basic seo and who is it for more


basic seo is for a small business

local business so a local chiropractor a

local law firm someone who is trying to

do seo for their local region or their

city maybe their county but not even

their state it’s a very localized seo


that’s the main differentiate


basic and business or enterprise seo is

it’s very confined and small which isn’t

a bad thing in fact you might be a very

very successful law firm or chiropractor

or something of that nature but it

doesn’t make sense for you to do

nationwide seo because

people from other states aren’t going to

be using your service right someone from

florida isn’t going to be using a

california chiropractor you know what i


so there’s no reason for you to do

business or um

enterprise and we’re not here to to

upsell you we’re here to sell you what

we know will work for you and we’ll be

successful for you because

we know you’re going to be happy with us

because seo that we do pays for itself

and you will make money but that’s a

quick wrap-up of basic seo here at

creative jc and who it is meant for


Business SEO


Enterprise SEO


hey today we’re going to be talking

about our enterprise seo solution here

at creative jc

who it’s for and what it costs

so let’s start with what it costs

uh enterprise is 999 per month the

minimum contract of 12 months which is a

little different than our other two

monthly seo packages those are minimum

contract length of six months but with


we’re specifically focused on businesses

that know they want seo for the long

term and that budget for it for the year

and as always we do offer a discount if

you pay 12 months up front let’s quick

breakdown of the price you can see more

about the price down below

now let’s talk about who it’s for what

you get with that 9.99 per month

who it’s for is for businesses with

national or global reach who sell

products online

because one of the biggest things we do

in this that takes a lot of work every

single month if we’re building out

landing pages and sales funnels

nationwide for your products so what

this means is if someone search for your

product and they put a city in with it

our landing page is going to pop up and

then our landing page not only is it a

landing page it’s also a sales funnel so

now we’re converting sales through those


so it’ll

uh your pages will rank nationwide then

associated that you’ll get sales for

each one of these pages it’s a lot of

work it’s also why we charge 9.99 to be

frank though 9.99 is a bargain for this

other seo firms charge five six thousand

dollars a month for this

um we’ve just got our process down so

well that we don’t need to charge that

kind of money to be able to do the same

thing with better results

uh and guys if you’re not getting

results with this enterprise seo if you

if it’s not paying for itself we do

offer a money back guarantee on this one

so if you are not seeing the results and

you are not get like you’re not making

the money back

you don’t have to stick with us and

we’ll give you a full refund because

what we do works and you will make money


this package


that’s a quick introduction of

enterprise seo and who it’s for uh and

again the biggest difference is we’re

spending a lot of time every month

building landing pages so basically

pages highlighting a specific product

and then sales funnels to go with those

nationally it’s a quick introduction

thanks guys

Franzi Owner of Pure Nourish Video Testimonial


hi guys my name is frenzy and i own pure

nourish which is a nutrition and fitness

coaching platform and creative jc redid

my entire website they did my branding

and they did my logo


i am extremely happy with all three of

those things creative gc listened to who

i am as a person to what i wanted and

looked at what i already had and went

from there they made a variety of

different revisions and let me choose

and pick apart what i liked and what i

didn’t until we finally came to a

product that i absolutely love

and i could not recommend them any more

than i already do

if there’s anything you’re looking for

whether it’s branding a website logo seo


whatever else it might be these guys are

the people to go to

and i

i would never choose anybody other than

creative juicy

Website Design at Creative JC


hey guys today we’re going to be talking

about web design and development here at

creative jc whether you just need a

basic informational website to show your

business off to potential clients or if

you need an e-commerce platform custom

designed or if you need software

developed on the back end or web

applications any of those things

we are the go-to

we have four main packages here which

are bronze silver

gold and then an e-commerce one which is

very customized

i will go into more detail of what each

of those cover in separate videos which

you will be able to find here on


overall though i just wanted to give you

a quick rundown of our process what’s

going to happen after you purchase a

website you’re going to fill out a form

that’s going to give us all the details

that we need

for example what features you need like

what you need to be able to do whether

you need to be able to make e-commerce

sales manage a booking host videos host

webinars whatever it is that you need

done on your website it’s going to also

tell us how many pages you need what

each of those pages would be

and go from there it’s also going to

give us things like your logo if we’re

not doing branding for you do you

already have a logo we’re going to

collect those local files and things of

that nature so after we receive the

payment and then the form filled out

from you guys we’re gonna reach out to

you within 24 hours 24 business hours i

should say to uh collect more detailed


and give you an idea on timeline now

basic websites are average time to

complete websites overall is about four

weeks but if you’re a small business

you’re just having a basic informational

site that’s one to two weeks and if

you’re you have a very customized thing

and that can be up to two or three

months it just depends on your specifics

we’ll give you a timeline once we gather

all that information

so today i just wanted to quick go over

what our packages are

let me also just quick touch on basic

pricing for bronze our websites there

are 999 dollars silver is 1500 and gold

is 2 000 and then our e-commerce is

because that is so customized and so


it’s different and it depends on what

you all need

the other thing is is those pages those

prices include five pages

each additional page is an extra 300

which is honestly a good deal most other

agencies doing custom websites like this

will charge a base fee of around three

thousand dollars

plus an additional 500 per page

which is not that there’s nothing

included it’s just three thousand plus

if you have five pages it’s gonna be

another 2500 bucks on top of that all

our websites include five pages included

in that initial price

and then uh it’s 300 per page after that

if you do need more than five pages we

also offer discounts if you have a very

large website uh

10 20 30 40 pages uh we also

offer bulk discounts there but i won’t

get into all those finer details in this

video just wanted a quick give you an

introduction to our web design services

here at creativejc so thanks talk to you


Bronze Website Design


hey welcome to our video on our bronze

website package guys if you are a small

business owner and you have just

information about your location about

who your business is and the services or

products you offer

and that’s all you need your website for

this is the package for you

it is the least expensive way you are

going to be able to build a website that

is fully customizable professional

it’s going to deliver everything you

need it’s only 999

which for a custom website built by an


you can’t beat it be my guest shop

around you’re not gonna beat that price

not only that you’re not gonna beat our

skills we believe in our work

uh everything is custom even for the

bronze website it’s a fully custom

website fully customized designs

everything done custom now this package

is very basic so this is only going to

apply to people that just need a website

that is informational so if you need to

manage bookings or you need to sell

products online or

you need any other integrations like

that this package is not going to

include that this is just simply

information website

so you let’s say you were a hair salon

that was just starting and you didn’t

want to manage bookings you just wanted

a website where people could go and they

could see it on google and they would

look at it and well this is john’s hair

salon right and it would show them the

address about who you are

uh so maybe you’d have a homepage about


a services page and a contact page

something of this nature but fully

customized that delivers content uh fast

so it ranks well on google it’s a quick

website as well as looks professional

and is designed well that’s what a

bronze package is if that’s you go ahead

and buy it down below now thank you

Silver Website Design


welcome today we’re going to talk about

our silver website design package here

at creative jc

what it includes who is it for

all of that kind of good jazz

so basically let’s start with the

biggest difference between bronze and

silver the biggest difference is it’s

going to include integrations included

with it are two integrations plus if you

need more you can always add on so let’s

say what is an integration well an

integration is let’s say like we said in

our bronze video

say you’re a hair stylist

and you have a website that tells people

where you are and all these kind of


but what would be really handy for a

hairstylist being able for people to

book an appointment with you right

well making that booking online

on your website

that’s an example of integration we here

we use a service called calendly and we

integrated that in

to our website so if you go up top and

you see schedule time to talk

that’s an integration and there’s a

whole host of integrations in it you’ll

you’ll know based on your industry what

integrations are available to you

so the biggest difference between the

bronze and the silver is going to be the

ability to do those integrations the

other bonuses that it includes

is your basic seo setup so if you’re

familiar with our seo jumpstart program

or service

it’s not going to be the full service of

seo jumpstart but it’s going to get you

the basics of seo and it’s going to get

your foundational stuff set up like

we’re going to if you have a physical

location we’ll get you listed on google

maps and your local search engines

things of this nature and your local


the other thing that it’s also going to

include is a and b split testing so this

is going to be user testing to figure

out so we’re going to design the website

just like we did in bronze but then

after the website’s designed we’re going

to do user split tests to figure out and

like find tweaks to make the website

even better

so and as far as the price goes it’s

going to go from 9.99 for the bronze 999

to 1500 bucks for the silver

that is our silver package for website

design here at creativejc if you have

any questions please feel free to give

us a ring shoot us an email or use our

integration up at the top and schedule a

time to chat

thank you

Gold Website Design


E-Commerce Website Design


today we’re going to be talking about

our e-commerce website design package

here at creativejc how much it costs who

it’s for

all that kind of good jazz well let me

first address this right away how much

it costs

i cannot give you an exact price and the

reason is is because

e-commerce is such a wide variety of


we are fully transparent in our pricing

but with e-commerce

for example if you’re a homemade candle


in cincinnati

you’re not like the stuff you’re going

to need on your website is very basic we


probably do that for


fifteen hundred bucks

but then

let’s say you’re a general store with

thousands of products and all types of

integrations with different sales


and a whole bunch of things that you

need done on your website and that needs

to be maintained every single week and

every single month

that’s going to cost a lot more i mean

we’ve had website uh e-commerce website

design packages that are 15 20 000

and that’s because like every single

product and all of this stuff

has to be inputted by hand as data now

if you have

data lists of your products and data

sheets that’s going to bring the cost



we do promise that we are going to be

the best priced

uh e-commerce design agency out there

you’re not going to beat our price and

everything is going to be custom and

it’s going to be delivered

uh on a website that you can be proud of

it’s not gonna we don’t do shopify and

all this other bs

this is all custom work that looks



it’s just so wide of a category that

can’t give the exact price in one video

because it’s so varied you might be a

store doing millions a year

with thousands of products in an

inventory with different types of sales

funnels where you need sales funnels for

different regions and different landing

pages for different products

or you might be a mom-and-pop pottery

studio down the road


i can’t give you an exact price but

let’s make this simple if you are

selling products online

this is the package for you

and to get an exact price

it’s simple pick up the phone give us a

ring send us an email with what you need

and we will break down the price for you

there and go line by line and tell you

exactly what our pricing is again we

believe in full transparency and pricing

and this is no different it’s just such

a broad category i can’t give it to you

over a video because i don’t know who’s

on the other side of that camera


beyond just that let’s talk about what

it includes with this you’re going to

get all of your seo setup included

you’re going to get amb split testing

done you’re going to get your branding

packages included you’re going to get a

whole bunch of things which you can see

the exact details down below

but bottom line if you need a new

e-commerce design if you want to make

more money

all our websites all our e-commerce

websites we build with the end goal of

selling more products

so if you want to make more money

through e-commerce and you need a

website redesign

definitely pick up the phone give us a

call send us an email




Dawson’s Pub & Brewery rebrand is complete! Website, logo and SEO. 

Websites are so much more then just a place to put information. A well designed abs developed website can help you manage your bookings saving you time, will help you grow your business increasing your income and so so much more. Here at Creative JC we believe the only way we will be successful is by helping our clients business grow and solving problems for our clients. 

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Hey guys, I just want to take a minute to fully introduce myself and my company. 

Firstly the photo, I may be mean mugging in the photo but I promise I am always a happy and positive person. Just thought it looked good for this photoshop edit.

My name is Jack Christensen and I started Creative JC with the goal to help small businesses grow their presence online. I have a passion for all things marketing and design.

What we do here at Creative JC – We offer three core services with many more sub services under each. 

The three core services are:

👩‍💻 Web Design & Development

📊 SEO (search engine optimization)

👍 Marketing/Branding (under which we also do online advertising, video production and many many other services.)

This is just meant to be a quick introduction to me and my business. If you have any questions please give us a call or email any time or head over to our website. Link is in the bio. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope to chat soon!

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