Weekly Round Up Nov 28-Dec 4

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Our weekly round up for this week provides you with multiple different YouTube videos that we have created. The topics range from Online branding package to All inclusive with Creative JC. Be sure to watch them from the top to bottom as some of them tie together!


Online Branding Package


today i’m going to be talking about our

online branding package here at

creativejc and what it includes

so let’s go over quickly it includes a

logo design which by the way

that’s for all our branding packages but

you’re going to get a brand new logo

that’s gonna give you a clean

professional look with up to five


you’re also gonna get a logo animation

with up to three revisions and logo

animations are great

they give your brand a cool polished

look online and it is completely custom

you’re going to get also your social

media cover images some things like your

facebook cover photo twitter cover photo

google my business cover photo all of

that kind of stuff and lastly you’re

going to get a brand guide what a brand

guide is it’s just like basically a

collection of everything that makes your

brand your brand so your colors along

with what hex codes those are

your logo your typography or your fonts

in other words

things of that nature basically a guide

that you can use going forward to really

identify your brand as your brand

so that’s a quick overview of our online

branding package here at creativejc

thanks guys

Branding at Creative JC


hey today we’re going to be talking

about branding here at creativejc

branding is an integral part of any


so what is branding well branding pretty

simply is who you are as a business

so things like your logo is part of


uh your facebook

cover photo is branding

there’s a lot of things that go into

branding um business cards and a bunch

of different things even like marketing

strategy can go into branding

what do we here at creativejc offer we

offer a whole host of things that are

related to branding

logo design logo animation brand

identity packages and many others so

just to name a few

but i just wanted to give you a quick

introduction of branding services here

at creativejc you can scroll further on

this page to read more about it and our

process with branding thanks guys

Print Branding Package


all right guys let’s talk about our

print branding package here at

creativejc i’m just going to briefly

touch on everything it includes so what

are those things well it includes a logo

with up to five revisions

business cards with up to three


letterhead which is if you’re a business

one you probably know what it is but if

you don’t letterhead is something that

looks very professional with your

business logo contact information things

like that on a sheet of paper that you

can then write on or print on for your

conferences or anything else that you

use in that nature

it also includes two flyers so that

could be for whatever purposes whether

you’re gonna

go over and canvas a parking lot or you

just want to keep them out at your place

of business

another thing you can keep out at your

place of business is your

folded brochure now this can be dual

folded or tri-folded whatever you want

but some sort of brochure that we uh

make for you so you can put out at your

business and when i say make i do mean

design we’re not a print shop so

we do the designs you would then send

that somewhere to be printed and if you

need recommendations we do have some

print shops that we work with and we can

recommend you

the last thing it includes is a branding

guide branding guide is just a

collection of information that makes

your brand your brand so things like

your colors with your hex codes what

fonts you use your logo all that kind of


and if you need something a little more

comprehensive we do have add-ons for

this because not everyone needs these

things but if you do need them you can’t

live without them and you’ll know what i

mean when i say them if you’re someone

that needs it

things like convention stands uh and

that kind of thing big banners all of

that we can also do all of it we can

also do things like your t-shirts or

mugs or any other kind of designs

but for this package we just include

what pretty much every business owner

would want so it’s easy to package

but that’s quick overview of our print

media branding package thanks guys

Online + Print Branding Package


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