Weekly Round Up Oct. 10-16

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We are back at it with another weekly round up. Our focus for this week was YouTube. If you scroll you will find two of the videos that we posted. Take a look at them as they provide some useful information you do not want to miss.


The Business of Web Development & Branding.






all right what’s going on you guys it’s

jack with creative jc and today i’m

gonna be uh revealing a new course i’m

doing on youtube

my goal with this channel is provide

unparalleled value and i’m gonna be

providing courses on my channel that

other people would charge for

i make my money through my web

development company i am not trying to

make money through selling you courses i

want to see you become more successful

in your web design and your branding

business yourself

so uh today is the announcement video of

a new course and the course is going to

be about the business


web development branding

seo all of that okay

um so right now i’m going to be going

over what is going to happen in that

course and the course is going to be

within three sections those three

sections are lead generation there’s

five videos under that section

then the second is income streams there

are also five videos underneath the

income streams and then the pricing

video will either be a three or one

video more than likely one going over

how i price each of those other income

streams just as a breakdown i’ll still

go over the pricing with the income

streams there as well

this is going to be the first series i

will be also covering other i’ll have

other courses but we’ll talk about the

tools the exact um

techniques and skills required for web

development but this is just talking

about the business so you can make money

just like i do and just like so many

others do it’s a great business to be in

it takes very little capital to start

and it’s something you can learn

relatively quickly so guys stay tuned

there’s gonna be some awesome videos

about this and i really hope to provide

real value for you please like comment

and subscribe and if there’s anything

that you would like to see specifically

please leave a comment down below uh and

i’ll respond and make videos on anything

that will help you guys out

guys have a great day i’ll catch you

later peace out



all right what’s going on you guys jack

here with creativejc and today i’m going

to be talking about cold calling

yep the dreaded cold calling but before

we get into that please take a minute to

like and if you have anything uh you

want to talk about or want me to make a

video about leave a comment down below


most of all please subscribe greatly

appreciate it and let’s get rolling




all right guys so cold calling the

dreaded the hated

cold calling

very few people like cold calling and so

for the sake of this video i’m gonna

assume that you are one of these people

that aren’t thrilled about the idea of

cold calling

but guys the approach to take to cold

calling at least when you’re talking

about web development

is different than if you’re cold calling

for like

car sales right and i used to be a car

salesman way back in the day yep i was

that guy i was the car salesman


that’s not how i do cold calls now and

it’s not how i would recommend anyone do

cold calls

here’s why


put yourself in the shoes of a business


you get this guy

calling you and he says hey my name’s

jack with creativejc

i think i could help you with the

website let me sell you a website data

whatever right no click hangs up the


what you need to do is you need to

assure like show that the business show

to the business owner

that you are there to help them the way

you make money as a web designer as a

web agency as a marketing agency is you

help solve an issue for the business

and i would say 80 to 90

of that issue for most of the website

you’re going to do is going to be sales

and conversion right

and so when you call when you call let’s

say let’s use a chiropractor for example

and let’s say this chiropractor’s name

is bob okay

so when i call and i look and i have my

list of calls and i’ll get into how you

get that list to call but

i have my list and there’s bob the

chiropractor bob’s chiropractic right

pick up the phone i call it’s probably

going to be a

secretary who answers the phone for a

chiropractor office

so i call say hey my name is jack

christensen i’m the owner of creative jc

and first i just want to before we get

any further i want to say i am by no

means a hard sales guy but i do really

think i could help you um grow your

business uh get more leads and help

managing your manage your booking

through your website right do you have a

couple like do you have 30 seconds that

i could talk about that with to you or

to bob a chiropractor in this case right

um and if the if they’re really busy

whatever you say no problem i just i’m

gonna shoot you over an email is that


and you get the email real quick and you

send an email and you just say the same

thing to bob right on the email you just

say hey bob i talked to janet the

secretary um she gave me the email and

mentioned i should uh email you um as i

mentioned to janet i’m by no means a

hard salesman that being said there are

some things about your website and then

you list xyz that i could improve upon

in order to make you more money get more

sales and help give you more time by

managing your bookings online so you

show the business owner

how you’re going to help them the way

you make money in this industry is it’s

mutually beneficial

you’re happy because you’re getting paid

from the client and the client is happy

to spend that money because a you’re

making them more money or b you’re

helping um

take their level of time down so in

chiropractic and i do a lot of

chiropractic websites but you’re taking

uh and you do man like a booking manager

things like that

so the whole point of your sales or your

cold call it shouldn’t last very long

all it should be to do is to introduce

yourself to hopefully the business owner

or to a secretary or something and send

an email

uh to that business owner right and just

get your name out there and you should

be managing your sales in some sort of

crm and you should call back you say and

so every person that you send an email

the next week you say you call them back

you said hey i sent an email to bob last

week i was just curious if he has a few

minutes to talk so that’s one way to do

it and it’s the way i recommend the

other thing that sometimes i do

depending on the situation and like the

feel i get on the call is i try to set

up a time

excuse me i try to set up a time in the

future say hey i don’t need

time right now but is there a time you

have like is there some time you can

spend 30 minutes on the phone with me

later down the road i am not trying to

close the sale on this and i don’t want

them to feel that way i want them to

feel it’s a conversation and i’m showing

them how i will be able to help them

that is the key to cold calling in this

type of industry in a service based

industry you need to show the business

owner you need to show them quickly how

you are going to help their business

and how

by hiring you

that’s like solving a problem that’s

really great to them because a business

owner has a ton of problems on their


and they really only care about the top

five the top five issues so unless

you’re addressing one of those top five


they don’t really care they may know

their site design looks shitty

but they don’t care to be to be frank

they just don’t care so don’t talk about

design lingo with them don’t talk talk

about sales and talk about saving them

time because all business owners care

about that i can tell you from my for me

personally i care about that

we’re gonna break this down

when you first when you get on the phone

you’re trying to make a human connection

and make sure they know

you are there not to waste their time

you’re there to help them that it that’s

key and you’re there to also like the

goal of that call is to send them a

follow-up email and get them on a more

like full-length call when you have time

to go through the sales process with

them and really have that bonding and

rapport and get to the bottom of what

their exact needs are you are not trying

to sell


a client at that like on that first call

um so again first up pick up the phone

you call them you get them to agree to

an email or a future meeting and then

you sell on that call that meeting

one other thing before i let you go here

uh is how do i have that like the list

right how do you know who to call

um well i have personally when i first

started i was doing this myself i was

just going on google i was searching i

would i’d have different industries so

i’d look for chiropractors then i’d look


law firms then i’d look for xyz and i

would pick a city so i’d like let’s say

i was doing boulder colorado i type in

google law firms in boulder colorado

then i put those on our next

google sheet spreadsheet and i would

start calling and then i would do that

for chiropractors so on and so forth

right now i have actually hired someone

who compiles that list for me um and

then every morning then i make uh 20 to

40 cold calls every morning

but actually next week i just hired

someone who’s starting next week to

start doing those cold calls for me

but cold calling is still

the best way to get clients it’s better

than upwork it’s better than these other


because you don’t have you get to keep

all the profit you don’t have to pay 10

or 20 to upwork right

so i highly recommend everyone learns

how to do cold calling and do it

correctly and if you have any questions

please leave a comment down below i’ll

respond and i might even make another

video as a response to that if a lot of

people are interested


please subscribe i really appreciate it

helps out a lot guys have a great day

peace out


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