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Have you heard the saying the customer is always right? This week Creative JC posted a YouTube video discussing that topic specifically. If you want to see what the team had to say be sure to watch the YouTube video we provided below!


The Customer Is Always Right | Well Kind Of


all right what’s going on you guys my

name is jack christensen and i’m the

owner and founder of creativejc

today i’m going to be talking a little

bit about the client

and service provider relationships

specifically within the professional

services industry so creative jc we are

a full service advertising agency we do

web development seo branding you name it

we do it

so there’s a little cliche saying out

there i’m sure you’ve all heard it it’s

either it’s the customer is always right

or the client is always right

and that rings true sometimes and not so

true other times uh in the service-based

industry here’s what i mean

if a client comes to us right and they

say hey jack i’d like to grow our

business can you help us with that i’m

gonna say you betcha we definitely can

they’re going to say okay cool and we’ll

go over the details and let’s say in

that details uh instructions they’re

like okay here’s what i want to do

i want a gibberish website that bad

mouths my own business and all of this

ridiculous right like that’s never going

to happen

but i’m illustrating a point

what i mean is that

when they say that we’re going to say

you know

bob that’s not the best idea

here’s why let me point you in another


that’s what i’m here for is this a

professional service provider however if

they continue to say

no this is what i want do this at the

end of the day they’re the client

they’re paying the bill

then that’s what we’re going to do and

that’s what we’re going to provide

so a note to service providers let’s

start with that service providers guys

here’s what you got to do

at the end of the day remember the

client is your business and they have

the ability to hurt or help your

business i built my business off of

having other people

give good recommendations for me and for

my business

um and the vice versa can be true if i

did something bad which i haven’t but if

i did it would give me bad reviews bad

publicity and i don’t want that nor

should you you hear all the time about

painters and contractors who will get 80

done with the project but then not

complete it go off ghost them right you

don’t want to be that person

you want to be someone who does what

they say they’re going to do finishes on

time and delivers stunning work on time

every time

that’s my promise with creative jc and

it should be your promise with whatever

your professional service is as well i

know to clients

you’re hiring us if you’re you’re paying

us good money

you’re doing that because you believe in

our expertise

so let us do our jobs take our advice

and i promise it’s gonna be better that

if you’re if you’re putting money out


it’s like a vote of confidence a vote of

trust right if you don’t believe

that the people can handle it that

you’re paying

don’t pay them

like i don’t want to take on a client

who doesn’t believe that we can do a

stellar job if you don’t think we can

please save us both the trouble don’t

hire us but i can say if my agency ever

takes on a job it’s something that i

know full well we can complete on time

with perfect results every single time

and that’s how all agencies should be so

service providers do that and clients

let us do our job


Why SEO is so important






why is seo so important

let’s look at it this way

there are over 4.5 billion internet

users and about 4 billion of those users

use google

you are a business

e-commerce service-based business a

into your painter

it doesn’t matter

you’re a business

and you have a web presence by the way

if you don’t have a web presence you

should get a web presence we can help

you out with that too

if you’re a business web presence

seo which stands for search engine

optimization is hugely important

over like i said four billion of those

internet users you use google

you search

so if you have a business

and you’re not ranking at the top of


for whatever it is that you do

it’s hurting

and it’s certainly not helping

think about it this way

let’s say you are a painter or let’s use

a chiropractor

so you’re a chiropractor in

i don’t know how about des moines iowa


you’re a chiropractor in des moines iowa

do you have a web presence

how old do people find that website word

of mouth is great and it works right

but that’s one piece of marketing the

other there’s another piece of many

other pieces in this case seo

you’re a chiropractor in des moines iowa

and i in des moines i’m a worker and i

just hurt my back through my back out at

working right

and i go online i said i searched

chiropractic in iowa if you haven’t done

any seo

you’re not going to show up

and you just lost me as a client to

really bob joe the other chiropractor on

the street right


that’s a simplistic overview of why seos

are so important because when people are

searching for a service or a

professional or




and seo can be business right

there’s seo agencies that the minimum is

like three grand a month um all the way

up to well over ten thousand dollars a


here at creative jc

our goal is to provide premium seo

service at a price that isn’t cost cost

per day

still not cheap our lowest price is 4.99

a month

um but with this if you look into our

seo prices what you’re getting

top of the line seo for a fraction of

the cost the closest you’re going to be

able to find for what we do is like for

that 4.99 price is going to be a

thousand to 1500 minimum and that’s for

the bottom end our top end is 999 a

month and if you want something similar

you’re going to be paying anywhere from

5 to 10 grand a month

seo can really accelerate your business

seo ease for itself the point of seo is

to help you grow help you make sales

pays for itself

even if you’re not ready to jump into a

month-to-month thing you do have seo

jumpstart which is going to set up your

site for success within seo get all the

ground blocks done get your


rbt files in it’s gonna get your xml

sitemaps and it’s gonna basically all

the technical bs that

you don’t know

it doesn’t matter for you to know you’re

not in one


we’re gonna lay everything out so your

website can be successful

and that says your jump start and that’s

just a one-time payment

but bottom line even if you don’t hire


just take away from this that seo is

extremely important

and i would urge you strongly urge you

to figure out how you can rank on people

if you’re not already if you are looking

to rank on google or you want a cheaper

option to maintain that rank

creative jc is a great option we

guarantee our results

we’re here to work for you if you have

any questions please uh go to the top of

the website and see it’s scheduled uh

time to meet your schedule meeting

there’s a button there definitely go

ahead there’s no meeting and we will be

with you and we’ll help you walk through

the process when we’re talking it’s

never sales-based we’re not part of

sales people we’re not going to try to

sell you we’re going to tell you exactly

what we do how we can help

and as long as you feel comfortable

and it will all work

then who you can buy and if not no

worries required as friends it’s not a

big deal we’re here to help you that’s

how we grow our business as we take on

projects that we can excel at and we

complete with stunning results on time

every time that’s our promise that’s our

guarantee so guys if you have any


give us a ring shoot us a text send us

an email whatever works best for you

just get in touch


Why is SEO important

SEO stands for search engine optimization. To understand how SEO works and why SEO is so important you have to understand what the major search engines are looking for. Google keeps their exact algorithm private, however, there are things that we know work after all that’s how we at Creative JC (creativejc.com) consistently rank businesses at the top of google. Read more.

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The Importance of Client Satisfaction

“The client/customer is always right” we’ve all heard it dozens if not hundreds of times. Within the service industry this rings true sometimes and not so true other times. Here is what I mean: I own Creative JC and when a customer comes to us, they come to us because we are extremely good at what we do. They hire us for our expertise. Now let’s assume a client says they want to grow their business. They want their website to be something ridiculous like a website that is all gibberish, bad mouths their own business and looks like complete garbage (this is extreme and would never happen I am just illustrating a point). We would strongly urge them that doing this will not accomplish their goal nor would we put a designed by Creative JC on that website but if the client kept saying nope that’s what I want at the end of the day that’s what we would do. Read more.


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