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Creative JC here with our weekly round up. This week was all about YouTube. If you want to know how Jack made $5,000 on Upwork in 2 months be sure to check out the YouTube video we shared with you.


I Earned $5,000 On Upwork in 2 Months



all right what’s going on you guys it’s

jack here with creativejc

today i’ve got a great one for you

um i’m gonna be talking about how i

earned five thousand dollars uh 5000 us

dollars on the platform upwork in my

very first two months on the platform

and why i don’t still seek jobs through

the platform

so here’s the deal guys upwork isn’t a

is a great platform

especially when you’re building your

business from the start okay the reason

for this is there are a lot of clients

out there


on on the platform on upwork right that

they’re specifically looking to hire

someone okay

so you’re competing against other people

but you’re competing for business you

know that the

consumer wants or that the client wants

right they are looking for a web

developer they are looking for a

photographer they’re looking to hire

someone so now you just got to show them

why you’re better than they are

okay so let’s break it down how did i

get my first job on upwork uh and i got

it within the first few days of being on

the platform

well i did what a lot of people said you

shouldn’t do

i’ve competed on price i think my first

sale was like five bucks

but i sold it sold five bucks i got a

review uh and actually first first good

sale let me rephrase that my accent now

i think about it my first sale on

operator was for 15

and it was for a college kid

and he wanted a logo for this um

business he was going to start well i

created the logo then the next day

he cancels the project because i’m

assuming he just didn’t want to

be in like he just realized he couldn’t

do business he’s still in college he

wasn’t ready for that right so he

cancels the contract well this is after

i already created a logo for him and did



he asked for a refund i denied it and he

ended up leaving no public feedback so

that actually right from the get-go drop

me down

but then

i look at it and i’m like okay cool so

what do i do now

i my first job was a failure right okay

so i can continue getting out competing

on price so then i did it for like five

bucks and i did these really simple jobs

and i got a few jobs under my belt

then i sold a logo more expensive i

think it was like 200 bucks or something

but i parlayed that into then doing a

full branding for the same client so i

did i up sold and that upsell i sold for

another thousand dollars

so now all of a sudden my upwork profile

is showing hey

i have 1000 plus earned


so now now that i have like some

credibility on network because i show

that i have over a thousand dollars

earned on the platform

i then started really focusing on my

personal website or now the business

website created jc right and i went

through a few renditions first it was

degen creative now it’s creative jc and

it’s really important that you

have whether you’re a web designer or

not but it’s really important in this

day and age that you have a

platform where people can go and they

can see your work beyond just upwork

right because think about it if you’re a

business owner right

you’re coming to upwork it’s probably

your first time on the platform

you don’t really care about the platform

you want to see what is this person

capable of and it really there’s a lot

of people out there

especially if like think about it this

was a web designer every web designer

has a website

but for people that aren’t in website

it’s almost even more important because

think about it this way let’s say you’re

a creative content writer well if you

have a really cool website that displays

that work

that’s just going to stand out all the

more because how many creative content

writers or copywriters have their own


so it’s really important that you you

can show people this other side but it’s

it’s important for another reason that

we’re going to get into the other reason

it’s important

is because

when you can go


when you’re on upwork and all your

clients are coming from upwork

your if your jss your job score goes


you’re pretty right so

you need to get

off that platform as quickly as possible

and so

and the reason for that is because when

you’re for a couple things one you’re


uh either ten to twenty percent uh to

upwork right

for the ability to find clients on there

uh and two like i said if they

if your job success drops you’re gonna

be screwed and you won’t have any other



i used it to start with because it was

an easy place to get some initial jobs

now in fact i still use up work but i

really only use direct contracts

uh and the reason for this is direct

contracts through up work are

more expensive than like a traditional

payment processor you paid 3.4

to upwork however they’re giving you a

lot more than a payment processor when

i’m when i do my cold calls and i and we

get into this conversation and we end up

and i end up selling them it’s really

good for the that prospecting or that

potential client the client that i’m

prospecting it’s really good for them to

know that um

that i’m not just getting the money

right away because some of their concern

is gonna be like i don’t know jack who

the hell is jack why should i give him

money when i say listen it’s it’s okay

you’re not giving me money you’re gonna

give you’re gonna put this money you’re

gonna fund the project right you’re

gonna put this money in an escrow

account right

and then i’m gonna sit work i’m gonna do

the work i’m gonna submit the work to

you and if you approve the work it’s

finished and correct then you at that

point release the funds to me because

it’s in this escrow account from upward

and then escrow pays it and it really

helps me because now as a business owner

i’m not having to chase people down for


before i’ll start the project i make

sure the money is funded to up work and

now they act as a dispute portion so i’m

paying 3.4 percent versus like 2.4 for

other payment processors but i’m getting

a place for escrow i’m getting a place

for um mitigation and litigation and

it’s just it’s so worth it um


in my first few months my first two

months at upwork uh wasn’t quite 5k it

was 4.7 4.8 k is what i earned in my

first couple months there


just through the platform i earned

actually more than that if you count my

direct contracts


but really

it can be done it’s just

i would only use it as a stepping stone

um i would use upwork primarily now for

direct contracts and it is vbn it is so

good for direct contracts that it’s so

worth it and i highly recommend you all

use it

um in another video i’ll get into my

cold call strategy my cold email

strategy and other ways i get new



but yeah that is uh how i earned my

first 5k on upwork in my first two



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