Weekly Round Up Sept. 19-25

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Back again to wrap up what happened social media wise at Creative Jc. This week we posted videos on YouTube providing you with our client testimonials. Be sure to check them out to see how awesome it was for them working with our team!


Jessy | Flow Chiropractic Testimonial


hi my name is dr jesse glob and i

originally met jack at creative jc on

upwork when i was looking for somebody

to help me with my logo

well after me and jack first initially

met i could really tell this guy had a

lot of passion and drive for this type

of work especially making logos and

eventually even found out that

he had the same amount of passion and

drive for

working on


when we first originally met with the

logo design i gave him what i was

looking for

uh kind of my color schemes and all that

he made a few critiques to it which

actually turned out to be very useful

input back for me and we ended up going

with those


the first few designs i’m

not gonna lie i wasn’t the biggest fan

of but they were right along the lines

of like going down the right path so we

had a little bit of back and forth and

i’m very picky so that might have hit

him played a little part in that um

and we probably did like a good 10

different renditions on these logos

and uh the whole time i don’t think jack

ever complained once about how picky i

was being and the only thing i ever saw

from him was nothing but uh drive to

give me what i was looking for for sure

and it turned out amazing i’m very happy

with what i received with jack

and so much so that i even

went further with him to go designing

the website

as far as the

website designing went i was very very

unaware of a lot of the things that went

into it as far as like

getting a host uh setting up the email

for the website and all of that which

jack helped me along yeah each step of

those ways to get that done

and i’m very happy with the way that

turned out as well

i think jack

is you can tell he’s striving to deliver

you a premium service uh with his

company there jack j uh creative jc

um i think if you were

deciding between a few different people

on who you want to go with i think

i would definitely give jack a shot i

know i’m happy that i did and uh i don’t

think if i would with somebody else i

would have gotten as much uh

constructive back and forth between the

two of us working together i know a lot

of people out there kind of limit you to

how many renditions you’re gonna get and

that was not the case with jack and i’m

happy it was





David | Throne Consulting Testimonial


i had an opportunity to work with jack

at creativejc and he was amazing i

cannot say enough amazing things about

him he has helped me tremendously you

know i came to him honestly as a new

business owner struggling confused

unsure what to do in order to grow my

business and we ended up doing a

complete rebranding of our logo my

website uh all of my plans for how i was

going to tackle getting new clients

everything you could think of jack was

able to help me with and he did it very

quickly and was very responsive

and i cannot recommend creative jc

enough they are fantastic and they truly

helped my business grow and i hope they

can do the same for yours

How to Create a Modern Gradient Logo



all right what’s up guys it’s jack with

creative jc

today is my first youtube video so we’ll

see how shitty this is uh we are going

to be starting off by showing you how i

created this logo

um that will be our first youtube video

and then tomorrow or the next upload

which will be tomorrow i am going to

show you how i created this logo


okay so let’s get into it so i use adobe

adobe illustrator for my logo creations


not for the animations but for the

creations and branding i use adobe


so if we go down over into the layers

panel here

we can drop this layer down and show

it’s all grouped right now so let’s go

and actually ungroup everything and to

do that i’m just going to clean ctrl

shift g to ungroup or on a mac it’s

command shift g


then we’re gonna go

uh do it again because there’s multiple

groups in this and now we can see we

have all these individual


so if we break it apart we have this

piece we have this piece we have this


and this piece and then

all of these are

separate pieces too so this should give

you an idea

of how we created this logo

or how i created this logo

these are all just simple gradients when

you actually break them all apart

so anyway let’s go file new

and we’re going to set this up i

typically just do a thousand pixels

by a thousand pixels

when i’m doing a new logo and for this

we can just use a rgb color escape right

being blue sometimes dependent on what

it’s going to be used for you can use

cmyk it’s going to be for a client who

is more print based

uh and for this we can just do 72 dpis

just fine

so we’ll click create here we’re going

to get a blank canvas i’m going to go

ahead and on this one i’m just going to

exit out of it

and obviously i don’t want to save those



the first thing i did to create this

logo and go text

type in the bracket

this and you know what we’re going to do

i’m going to go i’m going to open the

other logo

and we’re going to take all of these


and i will bring them in here

so you can see what i’m doing as i’m


now let’s see if we’re going to go over

to properties

uh and for text i get t by the way to

get to texas the shortcut otherwise it

is over on your toolbar here

so i’m gonna make this bigger and i’m

gonna hold shift at the same time

so that way it stays in proportion

okay so now i can’t quite remember what


font actually you know what i don’t

think i used a font that would be one

way to do it but i think i actually did

it like this

the rectangle like


back to uh if you get v it’ll go back to

the selection tool

and we’re going to hold shift again so

it goes

the correct

increments the correct increments

then we’re going to go

ctrl c to copy and then we’re going to

control shift v which will copy it in

place directly on top of the other one

as you can see

okay so i’m going to go i’m going to

hold ctrl shift and i’m going to

move the arrow over a few

until we get about the width that we are

looking for

maybe even a little bigger because this

is taller okay

let’s start right there now

we take both of these things and we go

over here to the pathfinder tool and if

that’s not open for you to go to window

and then

if you look for pathfinder which should

be right here

okay so we’ve got pathfinder i’m going

to click on this one which is divide and

i’ll divide it all into separate pieces

if we go over to the direct selection

tool or hit a on the keyboard

you can click off and then

you can start selecting and deleting


so now we’ve got

these two pieces we’re going to go again

ctrl shift g to ungroup and we’ve got

these two pieces

so then the last thing we need to do is

we need to flatten it off

so if we’re going to flatten these off

let’s take another square

right above there’s something we can

just as long as we cover the whole thing

you can go this one we’ll select this

this and this and we’ll use the same

thing just go divide perfect

take down the direct selection by

hitting a big space and now these are

each individual spots here too okay

now i could do the same thing and line

it up perfectly um but that takes more

time excuse me context

bothering me for all of you that were

contacts these ones are getting old i

need to put a new pair in

so anyway instead of

trying to line everything up we’re just

going to go like this

and do the same thing

here select everything underneath

divide it all up and use direct

selection by hitting a on the keyboard

and deleting all of these now

but a lot of you can guess what i’m

going to do next we’re going to take

this object and we’ll copy and

ctrl shift b

to copy air to paste in place we’re

going to go up here to object transform

and we will go to



and i’m sorry my cat just hit my tripod

that all still works for you guys okay


so we are going to flip and we want to

flip it horizontally

click okay

and now

drag this down


and we’ve got these two right here we’re

just going to select all of it

and we’re going to use this path header

and then click enjoy

uh so now we’ve got these two pieces

let’s uh control shift g to ungroup them

this individual and we’re going to go

this way

the next thing to do would be to create

this kind of this scene

so we’re going to do



all the way down


and here


uh i’m gonna excuse me one second

all right

this is the little doll

you were playing with my

cute tripod all right back to this


we created this other piece here

we’re going to move this so this piece

right here let’s just change them all to

random colors so we can differentiate

all our pieces

you can hear her in the background


let’s use this one just get a green red

green you know christmas in october or


so we’re going to take this piece and

we’re going to hold ctrl shift or

command shift over here on a mac and

then the

left bracket tool make it go behind okay

perfect so now the next thing would be

is the uh we’re going to move all of

this we’re just gonna

and the next thing sorry i got this cat


let’s make that seat well this is pretty

easy uh type tour let’s see

trying to remember if it was poppins or

railway let’s find out

yes it was poppings okay

we’re just gonna uh hit

control shift and the letter o on the

keyboard or if you’re on a command shift

it’s going to create an outline of the


and there we go okay

so let’s make this

this is we’re going to make this

mentioned at the top and the bottom


perfect that’ll work


excuse me


all right

so now let us

actually you know this looks a little

bolder so let’s um go here to stroke

and make this a bit thicker

ah looks about right

okay i’m gonna make it slightly smaller

and i’m holding alt

and the shift key to make it smaller uh

evenly and then go in

to the center

okay so now we’re going to go to object

path uh path

and then outline stroke so now there’s

no stroke it’s all just solids

and we’ll go over here to pathfinder and



now we’ve got a thicker c

awesome so now we’ve got all the basic

objects uh and if you remember you’ll

know you’ll see

ungroup and you’ll remember that there’s

two pieces here we’ll get into that in a

minute but for now this is all the basic

so let’s get into the fun stuff the


the way to do this uh if you click

control y

on your keyboard it’ll make everything

outlined and you can see if you go into

the outline you can see


gradient for the c though and this is


so we’re just going to go into the pen

tool we’re going to click on right here

and it looks like oh

here’s where i’m at i’ll go like

this okay that looks about right and

we’ll just we’re going to go ahead and

click this to make that piece come off

and now we’re still here so you don’t

want it connected so i just want to

press escape to deselect

then we’ll go in and looks like right

around here and start again

again we’re just going to click and drag

all right same thing

here and then escape

and the last one is going to be from



looks like

and here is good enough for now

you get the idea of what i’m doing

and if you hold shift it’ll

again be incremental but i don’t think i

want it let me just do that

and again just click it

and then escape to deselect click it to

uh get rid of that tangent


so that looks pretty good

so now the next thing we will do is

we’ll go back to the selection tool here

and we’re going to select the c

and then

hold the shift key to also select the


this line

and this one

now we’re going to hit i believe it is

shift k on the keyboard

i know that it’s incorrect just kidding

yes just k on the keyboard this is going

to be the live paint

and we’re going to get control y or

command y again to take it out of um

to take it out of the wireframe and

actually now that i did this you’ll see

that these lines

are actually we need to make them

they’re filled we need to take them down

this and go to no fill we don’t want


let me get started so select each of

those lines and go to no filling down


dot awesome okay

so now let’s go ahead and select this

and again hold shift select all these

lines here

just like that awesome

now let’s hit k on the keyboard bring up

the live selection tool and again it

doesn’t matter what color you use let’s

start the first one is blue we’re just

going to click that

there you use an orange for the next one

and whatever again you want doesn’t

matter just so you can tell the

difference is green for this

and then the last one we can make

so we got all these different things so

now now that we’ve done that you can

come up here to object we’ll just click


when we want to expand we want to expand

the whole thing the object to fill the

stroke everything even though there

isn’t a stroke just best practices

so let’s click click okay here

awesome now i’m assuming yep these are

all grouped so let’s just go ctrl shift

g again to undo and now you’ll see

sorry a

now you’ll see

uh you need to ungroup it a little more

that’s why it was doing that so let’s

select everything and hit ctrl shift g

again or command shift

uh yeah so now you’ll

just like before they’re all into the

separate cases okay

uh hitting ctrl z or command z on the

mac bring them all back together and now

it’s just a matter of applying these

gradients so we select this all right

ungroup and let’s just select one of

these and we can see this gradient

pretty simple just three colors here

so let’s take this piece and uh

normally like typically i could just uh

hit i for eyedropper and then select

this and it would automatically do that

however since this is a tutorial i’ll

show you exactly how i do it just in

case you are brand new and don’t know

how to apply green

so let’s put a random color back blue

and then go ahead and select our

gradient over here or g on the keyboard

and we will oh so actually let’s go v on

the keyboard to get the selection tool

select this now hit g on the keyboard

so we can make a gradient

so now we’ve got a gradient and it does

pre-fill because it’s the last one we

use but uh long story short it’s pretty

simple like i can change any of these

colors if i come up here to the swatches

and i want to make this start

this color it doesn’t really matter


anyway you’ll see you see what i mean

for the gradient so we go there

uh now we just go ctrl v and it looks

like actually let’s go

it looks like so this is an angle so

we’re going to go over here and we’re

just going to rotate


like this and then it’s also more yellow

so then if we just take it over here you

just move it up

like so

let’s leave that down


that looks pretty good

so then let’s go back to the selection


and come here and apply again

let’s just see it’s just the same

gradient repeating

nothing too crazy but i do want this

orange kind of get this nice like dark


fold uh shadow look here so let’s go

ahead and rotate this again

and bring it so the orange

and you’re also going to take it and

move it so again get that nice and dark

and also adjust here and it does the

same thing if you want to adjust this

way you can see that

it does the same thing by just

so i’m just going to go ahead and

quickly do the rest of these


g select the gradient

here again

that looks pretty good just like that

okay and now

we should go

this last gradient the last part and

then create another gradient

just like that

okay we’ve got the c done now so next

let’s get this background so these uh

you can see the gradients here again

simple three color gradient nothing

crazy so go here


now let’s just apply it


over here

to the selection tool


you can also hit i on the keyboard for

the eyedropper let’s just select this

symbol and let’s

write that up here last we’re going to

select this

and uh let’s see

same gradient so we’re going to go

i select this

again let’s go i appear perfect same

color but we don’t want it to be

the exact same you want it darker so it

gives the illusion that it’s behind


so how we do how i did that was i just

select this and i’m going to go ctrl c

ctrl shift v to copy and place again

and we are going to move it all the way

to the back

then we’re going to click off

that did not go to the control shift and

the left bracket all the way to the back


so let’s select because they’re two

they’re the exact same thing so it

doesn’t matter we’re gonna select one

and now we’re gonna take and we’re just

gonna apply it i believe this is just

the color black yeah with a lowered

opacity i think 50 so we’re going to

take this and we’re just going to go to

black swatch perfect and we’re going to

lower this opacity to 50

you can do that or you can just type it

and if you want to be precise


and now you have you can just select

everything best practice again

especially if you’re exporting to a


hit control g to group everything we’ll

scale it down and i think i might have

made that c a little too thick this time

but you get the idea

so that

is how i made my logo

like i said uh tomorrow at the next

upload i will show you how i did the

logo animation i first created a logo in

illustrator just like this then i took

it over to

adobe after effects to create the motion

graphics piece so guys i really

appreciate you watching uh please

subscribe to my youtube channel please

like the video if this was helpful and

i’ll keep putting out content here you

can also visit my company at creative



Adobe Illustrator

Graphic design

REAL TIME! Walk through & Brainstorm of Logo For a REAL CLIENT!



[Applause] all right what’s up you guys it’s jack with creativejc

today i have a little something special for you uh i am going to be doing a logo first uh first walkthrough i got a new

client um through recommendation of an old client uh he’s a chiropractor and he wants a modern logo uh he wants it to be

black and gold uh black and gold and modern clean sleek looking so

in real time i’m gonna be walking you through my process when i while i send them the first

two or three renditions of this logo uh so let’s hop over to illustrator and let’s get started

okay so we’ve got illustrator open here and again i think i said this is my last

video but we’re going to start i start my logo designs just with a thousand by a thousand pixels

and we can leave it on screen for ppi is fine we’ll just go ahead and hit create real

quick cool um so the

name uh the basically the logo is uh mckee so we’re gonna be

key chiropractic so we’re going to be looking at how to create a logo from a key we’re going to do a couple um

different options we have three or four variations of the logo that are going to be very different

that way he can pick and he can say which style he likes the best and then go from there

so um the first thing i’m going to do for this i think i want to do first one i’m going to do is a

um just a simple block looking logo for a chiropractor so let’s see

let’s start with a rectangle and i’m just gonna click and drag and i’m also gonna hold shift while i do it

to make it a square okay and let’s go hit v on the keyboard

and also as you guys can see i have uh down here um i have my keyboards uh showing my keystrokes

but anyway so we got this and uh let’s go to the fill here and we’re just gonna fill it with

black let’s hold shift to make it bigger easier to work with okay i’m gonna hold

alt and scroll in the only thing with those keystrokes is um if i’m the ctrl alt shift keys only work if i’m

doing um like control plus an actual button not with the keystrokes i’ll still say that out loud

um but okay so let’s see um leave that up there

let’s grab the text tool i’m gonna go m k

e e key that is the name then we’re going to go over here and

we’re going to go to filter and we’re going to go script because his current one is a script so

we’re going to start the first one kind of like he has and we’ll use yeah let’s use this brush

script italic i like that hold shift again [Music]

and we’re gonna go like this and so like this what i’m doing right now and you’ll you’ll get

the idea soon um but this is like my overall composition and i’m just getting brainstorming getting ideas this

whole um project that i’m showing out is like from the get-go i haven’t even thought about this logo so you’re seeing

me work in real time uh on this one we’re gonna just go to m and

and we’re gonna hold alt and drag out uh that copies it and then on this one

we’re gonna go okay okay cool let’s see here so let’s see we’re going to select both

of these we’re going to hit ctrl shift o and that will outline them so they’re no longer a font you can’t change the text

but we can play with the vertices or the points now okay

so let’s go i want to make these look like they are together so i’m going to go something like that

and then let’s go a and i want to get rid of so i hit a

for direct select so we’re just selecting these points directly so i don’t want that i want this to look like

one piece so let’s get rid of all of this

[Music] um select just that point and bring it

down into there and select this

select this handle and make it a little bit

there that doesn’t look too bad then let’s go in here and do the same

thing get rid of some of these oh not that though what is going on

there so let’s go here let’s just keep going see what’s going

on i don’t know where those uh okay so that’s not gonna work

so in that case let’s go over here to the pen tool or you can hit p on your keyboard

and i’m just gonna scroll i’m to go right here i’m going to select this path and i’m going to go directly to this

path and i want to see this so let’s go right

actually hit ctrl y outline make my life easier

here and here

[Music] ctrl y again make everything solid

and we’ll select all of this and go to divide

then we’ll go back into direct selection by hitting a on the keyboard a on the keyboard

i just want to get rid of

this is being annoying [Music] ah

i’m done

huh well let’s do this again then let’s go pen tool


and let’s try that again so now we’re going to select everything

and divide a for direct select get rid of that and that okay

let me clean that up so we’re just gonna go all this messy


and then let’s go

okay and it doesn’t have to be perfect on

this one um

yeah that’s okay uh this is just the i’m just doing some initial renditions for them

[Music] so it doesn’t need to be perfect but let’s go ahead and take all this now

and join everything except


okay let’s go direct selection tool you know here here hold shift while i’m clicking to select

these pieces and just join the parts that we see

[Music] let’s take this we can get rid of that

all these messy man i did not do a good job on this so far

we’ll rebuild that out real quick here to here

what the dude wow

escape okay let’s see a

there we go okay i’m making a fool of myself let’s join

those guys perfect okay wow that was uh annoying as hell i am so sorry

so we’re gonna take this and go here is it black and gold so let’s just give

it a color for now and there we go okay

[Music] so let’s see here what else can we do with this

um i have a feeling he’s gonna want it to

tie to something with a chiropractor so maybe if we

here i know let’s open go to documents i did this

chiropractor’s logo so let’s go over here final logo files and

let’s open the source file here i want to take one of these vertebrae

i’m going to go ctrl shift g to ungroup everything and then ctrl shift g again on that group

and now we have one vertebrae we’re just going to go ctrl c and paste it in here

so this will use i for the eyedropper tool make

it black and then

okay and we’re going to go ctrl shift and then i’ll right bracket create key

excuse me to make that bigger or to bring it to the front i apologize


yeah i don’t like that actually

[Music] no i’m not not a fan of that okay let’s

take this and bring it back what about this

actually go control z so we know it’s all in the right sizing okay

let me make it a bit bigger and what happens

let’s just make it white so i can look what it would look like if it overflows

okay [Music]

and let’s bring like this [Music]


and we’re going to go t for text and we’re going to go kairo

let’s make it bigger obviously we don’t want the same um

so let’s use let’s go here we want to take that filter off

and then we’re going to go sans serif on this which means no

no little lines no scripts it’s going to be just a nice block letter

let’s try this are you very rounded and no definitely not that

this is not that okay um

century gothic let’s see do they have a bold version of what they do perfect

so we can also try let’s go we’re going to make this

century gothic as well actually it’s easier if you just hit hold this hit i and go like this

but now for mckee we’re going to leave that bold and let’s take this and see if we can go

regular nice

and let’s bring this down

and let’s even make this a little thinner but since it doesn’t have a thin we’re going to add a stroke to it

and we’re going to make the stroke white

white there we go and let’s get this stroke going inwards

like this we’ll give the illusion it is smaller and we can always cut that out later um

you know if he chooses to go with this so the key chiropractic

i don’t like this with this text but i do really like this text

um so we’re going to just move both of these off actually that off to the side and bring this down and try to work

we’re going to come back to that again this is like literally you’re watching me work through uh logo for the

first time it’s messy it’s not perfect um but this is the process you go

through to get your logo to where you want it to be so

let’s see uh i want to do more of a there’s not gonna be script on this one

i don’t think so let’s go over here to google chrome and look at

chiropractor [Music]

let’s go vector let’s go vector and see what other people have done get some inspiration

so i don’t want to do any like this i don’t want to do anything like that it’s just too obvious i mean if he truly

wants modern it’s not what we want um

yeah i’m not really seeing this is all i mean they’re cool you can tell it’s a

chiropractor something like this might be cool let’s see what let’s play with that idea a little

bit uh we’re going to use pen tool obviously i’m going to make a little person so

actually used a logo like this i did a logo kind of similar to this with a for a

gin and we’re gonna hit this little button to switch it hit escape here and we’re

gonna bring that stroke up and let’s hit the stroke here and make


a for direct select and bring it in here and let’s

go to rectangle tool we’re going to hold i’m sorry not rectangle

square head i don’t think so ellipse tool there we go and we’re going to hold shift as we drag out and we’re also going to hold alt so it drags out from

the center little person’s head and let’s flip those because we want that filled

v to go back and select this stuff


let’s maybe do pen tool and we’re going to go

skip and then we’re going to hit i on the keyboard to give it the same it’s that for some reason the eye doesn’t uh

the eyedropper doesn’t uh go to the stroke profile doesn’t change that so we have to go back and finally do it there

i don’t like that ton [Music] what the idea is there maybe if i bring

if i want a little bit of a subtle vertebrate thing i can do some

let’s go here

and we’re gonna again flip those and come v v

now we’re gonna hold alt and drag out we’re gonna do this

like so actually [Music]

there we go god i can’t hit the right hold alt each time i’m doing this

to make a new copy hold alt click drag

hold alt click drag hold click drag

hold alt click drag hold alt click drag

you can see it’s coming too far off so we’re gonna have to adjust these

actually uh okay so let’s bring and bring this

just [Music]

try to keep it roughly the same distance away from the line

let’s make this one we’re gonna hold alt two [Music] slightly smaller

this slightly bigger just slightly bigger yet and go this way

and this one can it will go one bigger and this can stay the same and then

smaller and smaller smaller like so

let’s go over here these down


that looks about right okay and then let’s make

these actually you can see you zoom out this is a little

doesn’t quite follow the same curve so let’s go there so now let’s take all of these

awesome and let’s show our okay so it looks like you can see swatches it’s right over

here disappeared you can also go window and you can see you’re missing something this is where all your panels are

but let’s bring this in [Music] we’re going to perfect this gold later

i’m just using the basic swatch for now uh and then maybe if we make this

no i like this black i got the same let’s make

let’s group those and then sorry control z to group make those black again and let’s go here

make this orange [Music]

this is more orange it will be gold though something like that what color is this

this is that’s that one okay so let’s use that

color for now

[Music] okay

let’s select this just move it one the arrow key over a little bit

throw more space then in case i resize it accidentally

let’s take these and we’re gonna make them outline object

uh path outline stroke and then let’s go and

join them and make them over in pathfinder so now it’s one single object just like that perfect

let’s also take this and this we’re going to ctrl shift o to outline everything and there’s a

stroke on this we’re going to go object path

outline stroke on that and then we should just be able to go ctrl shift g to ungroup everything

and let’s select oh actually control z let’s select and just delete no

i need [Music] to hit a that way


object path what am i doing wrong it was a long night last night outline stroke okay

so now um we want to get rid of i want to actually properly delete this so if i

just hit a and select just this portion well that is really obnoxious

okay so we’re going to go [Music]

i’m going to divide it okay and now hit a and select stuff

all of it okay now we should be able to take this

and fill back

so um that is how we are going to do that so let’s just zoom through this

ah actually yes we did already divide all things backspace backspace

oh that’s the real thing so then take it fill

there we go [Music]

there we go so now

[Music] so i deleted the wrong one not too far out here



that’s easy put it back in place

ah that is a good idea oh sweaty

oh life of a freaking designer man let’s go back control z all of this

okay and let’s just go in with direct slack and just select the black letters

here so

boom boom

holding shift the whole time so i can select oh looks like that’s

okay and then we’re just gonna take and we’re gonna drag all those black letters up here and now we can use this

select bam [Music] one more time [Music]

perfect and let’s bring this and go here i should just be able to use the

line oh not quite there we go

boom okay so we’ve got this

awesome so that’ll be one option for him

let’s go back to the script since this is what he was using

before um

text now we’re going to type it out again because apparently

i deleted that and it was brush script if i remember right

[Music] and it’s not going to come up because remember we have this

filter on so just clear it from now let’s start go type it in v-r-u-s-h there it is

italic and my key


[Music] let’s try that again


text cairo




just hold shift the whole time we’re going to go ctrl shift o to

outline and now roughly the same

pretty good eyeball there we go okay holding shift and pressing the down

key bring it down

and let’s do this with the smaller the same thing we want it to be the same

height so [Music]

let’s again bring these

[Music] and we’ll group them quick

as well as group these

uh too bad okay uh and actually this should be

real quick ctrl shift g to ungroup here select both of those

and we can just go minus front on that and now you’ll see that it is cut out

make that more clear let’s put a rect if i put a rectangle let’s make it doesn’t matter green

bring it to the back you can see that it is just cut out so there we go

and then let’s go [Music] so let’s get another at least one more

logo idea

[Music] let me think here

let’s go text i like starting with text a lot of times um

actually you know what i want to give him one that’s just has nothing the look the symbol is just simple and memorable

let’s do a gradient logo um

let’s go actually we are going to do texas so let’s go m okay here

actually that might be okay let’s see control shift g to ungroup it and let’s

bring these those together like this

yeah and we’re going to take select both of these

and join and then we’re going to drag it out and create another one i’m going to play

with this a little so we’re gonna go a i’m gonna delete



let’s go back here okay now let’s take this and we are

gonna do a gradient on the same things we’re gonna go ctrl y make everything an outline and we are

gonna use pen tool and we’re gonna make uh

here here and let’s switch this so it is

just using an outline escape and do it again

let’s go here to here uh you know what i want to actually have

it with a curve so we’re going to go here still here to here but we’re going to drag out

the curve a bit here escape

let’s go on this one let’s bring it up here that


[Music] escape there we go


okay we’re gonna go ctrl y again to make it fill we’re gonna select all of this and

hit k on the keyboard for my paint tool and we’re going to select this one first

we’re on black that’s why with red and fill this with yellow

and what happened here

one second we need to see

control shift g what is this

okay what the hell why did these go to

i switched this okay

here again you can’t have them with phil i swear i switched it i think i’m just

dumb today okay and then we gotta re-put these back

in so let’s go here and

drag out escape and switch okay

so now let’s try this again and k on the not l k on the keyboard

live paint and red just like just random colors yellow

here here

here this one is still

apparently ah

okay go back frustrated jack

okay select this and

there we go pen tool let’s try this again

here escape

select everything again okay


yellow green

okay now go here and we need to

put a keyboard and we’re going to select all these little lines

stroke we’re going to go to zero

and now it go here object

expand and hit okay

so now we can go ctrl shift g a few times make sure it’s all ungrouped and these should all be individual pieces

like this perfect so now let’s get this to be a gradient

so we’ll go here and we’re going to go 90 degrees

bring this here

no actually no we’re going to go let’s just take this swatch and bring it

onto here

actually i’m going to bring this into one here


okay let’s go here and select the same do the same one

but um actually you know what let’s do it let’s do

let me switch and go here here


wow i am having a hard time today

there we go


i don’t like this at all

yeah i don’t like this we’re gonna just hold tight on that well let’s just let’s finish it that’s

fine why not why not apply there and apply it

there and apply it there and apply it there

i’m gonna apply this other one here i and go to here okay

i got a little better but now we just need to adjust the angle so that looks good there this however does not so

let’s use the actual gradient tool and

drag it here

[Music] i like that a bit better

here gradient tool again

do it like that not what i meant to do when i hit this

black okay

why can i not select the right thing [Music]

thank you it’s so freaking difficult it’s okay

now this one looks like trash let’s go gradient

rotate it on that and here

no no same thing okay i’m just going to move that down for now

and go like so

we go

i wonder if we want to put this on a rectangle

square i mean go back see how it looks against the black okay

hold on let’s group all these control g and then bring this back okay

i’m gonna align it down and [Music]

smaller with alt

hold again okay and maybe

a little bit um

so i’m going to go ctrl shift g and i want to select these two like these a

lot go here

actually let’s go we’re going to make this whole thing a square salt let’s do this

here yeah watch this okay now we’re gonna hold this and

here just like that i want the entire thing to be a square


squish it all [Music]

this needs to get just a hair smaller one okay

[Music] what if we actually go

okay there we go like that and then make this a gradient there too

and [Music] now let’s make this just

[Music] the last one we’ll do

is let’s go here and just go these two again

yeah okay

that looks pretty dang good

okay so we got a few i’m not a huge fan of this one oh it looks like

all right and control g

control g [Music] and actually let’s make this


so that is some logos for him

we’re gonna see which one he likes so let me next let’s actually let’s save our work

save as and this is gonna be for new client mckee

let’s go in here go logo comp for composition

and save okay and now let’s go file new

1000 1000 is fine here and we’re going to take this control c

and here and then we’re also going to go here so

you can get an idea of what it’ll look like just in a cut out form as well fill this with black

now we’re gonna go here [Music] so we’re gonna make

this and this are gonna be white now

all of that and all of this is gonna be black

and this is gonna be white and obviously this is not how we would send him the file but for

the purposes of this it will work just fine

like so yes okay

and so you can get an idea

what that looks like cool now we’re gonna go file save as

uh ren edition one

and we’re going to save it ai file first and we’re going to go file

export as edition one

cancel before i forget because ai is weird

and we’ll go to the exact size we need to put this all the way in the back okay and now we can export let’s save it

again and export is a jpeg as

jpeg cool and i’m going to go through and do the same thing for each of the other renditions as well one two three and

four but you get the idea thank you so much for tuning in if you could do me a huge favor hit the subscribe button

smash that like button i greatly appreciate it i know i’m a new channel but i’ll keep bringing you cool content

and uh my editing skills will get better hopefully you enjoyed this hopefully it wasn’t too long um i haven’t decided if

i’ll speed up i’ll probably speed up certain parts and do a time lapse on some of it um

but yeah thanks guys catch you later i’m out


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