A different way to approach hiring marketing execs for your business (why marketing agencies are emerging as a must-have business service for entrepreneurs.)

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So let’s face it, recruiting top-tier talent can be a long, expensive, and draining process.  Whether you’re paying recruiters to do interviews for you, sitting down and going through dozens of resumes and conducting the interviews yourself, or the good-olé-fashioned wait till God sends some mystical ex-apple executive to your door with a resume in hand willing to start at an entry level position; there just is no easy and reliable way.

The truth is the process of hiring as a whole, is just a big calculated risk.  The time you have to invest, can be equal to or more than the amount you have to pay that person.  Not including the time it takes to train them. Yikes. 

My company always felt confident enough in the interview process, to make the whole thing just a tad bit less miserable, and if you’re anything like us, it always felt like the ones we thought were rockstars, were busts and the ones we thought were gonna bust hard, turned out to be our biggest rockstars.

We could never circumvent the risk we took in the money we would invest to find someone great.  So we did what most people do and turned our attention inward.  Our team.  The rock stars that already had hit songs, but hadn’t yet broke through to SUPER-STARDOM!  We started investing more time and money into business training and leadership development for everyone we thought would be a hit.  Yet while that seemed to be paying off for us, (like most companies who use this strategy) it was still a slow process.  Experience takes time, but experience is knowledge, and knowledge is valuable.

Sometimes though, (well most times actually) we didn’t have the luxury of time.  We wanted someone who could come in right away, with minimal time and money invested in training, and start making impacts on our bottom line.

In business we have deadlines, and I don’t like to miss deadlines.   I need someone like I mentioned now.

Enter Matt Wash…

Matt was the creative director for Hilton hotels.  He had a degree in Bachelor of Arts in business with a concentration in communication.  He had sales knowledge, he had marketing knowledge.  He had countless examples of high performance work, with testimonials to back them up.  He was our godsend ROCKSTAR!

But there was a problem.  Someone like him was going to be way out of our budget.  We were sure he was going to want 100k or more a year.  As much as his experience was exactly what we hoped for, if he were to tell us that’s what he needs, we would have to pass.  But solutions for our complex problems always come when we least expect it.

The phone call comes.

Its Matt.  Little does he know I was so prepared for this call.  Ready to tell him, “sorry we know you would be great, but that just not in our budget.” 

Before I can even speak he says to me.  “Grant, I want to make an impact in your business.  and not just me, my entire team of business professionals that I have trained.  I want you to have access and support from all of us.”

Geez, not only can I not afford you, you want me to hire your entire team?

But before I could even say a word he said, “And we will do it for 20 Grand a year.”

For a moment I think I’m having a stroke because I don’t know if I heard him correctly.  So I asked him: ‘Did you say, 20 grand a year?’

“Yes you heard me correctly.”  He replied.

Well this must be some sort of scam, because that’s less than I pay my part-time employees annually.  So what’s the catch?

The catch was they were a marketing agency.  More than that, they were a business agency.  and their ability to work with multiple clients at once, allowed them to offer more than the value of a marketing executive for a fraction of the cost.  And let me tell you, man was it worth it.  In the first month, his agency helped us drive up volume by 15%, our online conversion went from 5.6% up to 13%, this was a no brainer.  We had made our money back in the first 30 days.  And because of the service we were able to write the entire amount off anyway.

This experience changed the way I looked at recruiting.  Here is this new business model that I didn’t know a ton about but wanted to understand.  I came to find out there are a ton of marketing agencies, and now, I completely understand why.

The point is, in this day-in-age, if you don’t have someone with comprehensive sales and marketing experience on your team, you are going to lose to the people who do.  No great company has every neglected these things,  but it can be expensive.  Marketing agencies help businesses mitigate that cost, and give a business a fighting chance to compete in incredibly competitive markets.  They give you access to an entire team of creative, business-minded individuals, for pennies on the dollar.

So if your business wants to grow in sales and get high ROI’s, you should consider a marketing agency.

About the author.

Grant Circle 1
Director of Business Development | Creative JC

Grant has over 18 years of Sales and Marketing Experience working with an array of different industries, with the last 5 years working in business consultation and executive management. Grants experience with high pressure sales and comprehensive knowledge of business operations, helps our team better insure our services provide STAGERING ROI’s for our clients.


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